Sunday Scribbles #67

Aaron’s word of inspiration for this week is angel.

Ok, Peeps and Meeps, I have a serious question: Do you believe in ghosts?

I find this is a better question to ask than “do you believe in angels?” Because almost everyone that I have asked will say without hesitation that they believe in angels. Of course they do! It’s such a lovely thought to have – the spirit of a dead loved one being there to watch over you, the idea of a guardian angel watching over you to make sure you are safe. How amazing is that thought?!

But when you ask about ghosts, it’s a whole different story! For some reason, the happy “awwww of course” thought that happens when you ask about angels turns into humming and hawing and “well…” and “that’s a good question, ya see….” because if it’s a “ghost” then it’s not that happy story of someone looking down on you from another realm where they are experiencing the afterlife in some sort of happy oasis. Ghosts are the opposite – it means their soul is stuck on earth, either with unfinished business or because they are evil and are haunting up the joint. Because, of course, not all ghosts are evil so we can’t just classify them all as evil spirits, and of course they are a whole other category from demons.

I have always found this difference in option to be quite puzzling. Especially as a Christian woman. Just hear me out on this one ok?! I’m going to try not to get too Biblical on ya.

As Christians, we are taught to believe that through believing in God and the Bible and Jesus Christ, and accepting the faith and confessing sins, we are thus absolved from our sins and accepted into heaven – aka where we would become angels. We also are taught that God has a whole host of angels living in heaven doing his will and praising him. So the concept of angels is solid. However!! There is also the solid concept of demons – not ghosts, demons. And these are fallen angels. Those angels who decided they didn’t like following the rules so God gave them a time out at recess and they were all “nah man, we out”.

So if we can have angels and evil spirits which are demons, is it not also possible that there would be ghosts? Like what if, someone went into the pits of hell and Satan decided that he was gonna send that soul back to earth to haunt some peeps for the rest of eternity? That would suck and would be a torment for someone, would it not?! What happens to those souls who have lived good lives but have not accepted the Gospel of Christ? Do they still have to go to hell to be tormented in the lake of fire? Maybe those are the nice ghosts that are just like chilling in invisible rocking chairs making the floor boards in the attack creak? Who knows!

My mom likes to tell me this story of when I was little, maybe like 2 or 3. I was apparently in her bedroom playing on the floor with some toys and talking to myself. Now anyone who knows me personally will know that I talk a lot and ya best trust that it started young. Someone had to tell Le Brother that he was wrong in everything that he did. Anyway, so my mom comes into the room to check on me, and there I am sitting on the floor at the end of the bed and Le Brother was not in there as she had expected. She asked who I was talking to and I said “the red headed man over there” and pointed to the corner.

PRETTY CREEPY STUFF RIGHT?! I can’t imagine that such a creepy thing came out of adorable baby GF’s mouth.

My mom likes to explain it as an angel in the corner looking after me. The only red headed man she knew was her own father (who died before she was married) so she thinks it might have been him checking in on his youngest (and only red headed) grandbaby. But what if it was a ghost?! Still could have been him, I don’t know the state of his soul when he passed. Maybe he was one of those decent enough guys who don’t deserve the torture for eternity but also don’t check off all the boxes to get into heaven?

Who knows!

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Leave them in the comments below, or even feel free to write your own response to Aaron’s Sunday Scribbling topic. Just make sure you link back to his blog so he knows you participated and so he can read it.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribbles #67

  1. I think angles are a separate species, not saved people in heaven. They have different strengths. They appear in the Bible wrestling with, um you know, one of those old testament prophets and stuff like that.
    I do believe in ghosts, and I bet that red headed man was your grandfather checking on you.

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  2. I have to turn into seminary dropout guy for a minute… It’s a nice thought that loved ones who have passed away become guardian angels who watch over us, but that’s just not the case. Angels are a completely separate creation of God. Humans who die and spend eternity in Heaven are just that, humans whose souls are now in Heaven. Angels are servants and messengers.

    As for ghosts… I honestly don’t know what to believe. For the longest time, I was convinced that paranormal activity that we experience is caused by demons who are trying to mess with us. Even the ones that appear as deceased loved ones, I’ve rationalized as demonic entities that are attempting to trick the living into a false sense of security. But there have been too many stories of people having genuinely positive experiences with “ghosts” of loved ones that I have to question the belief I held. Because there’s no way you have a positive experience with an evil presence, even if it is attempting to trick you with lies.

    Maybe… I don’t know. There are so many unexplained things that happen in this world and it’s so hard to know what’s real and what’s a hoax. Personally, I’ve never experienced any sort of paranormal activity that I know of. And I’m okay with that.

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    • Haha I have no memories of experiencing paranormal activity either, and I am quite ok with that as well. I had a friend who said she had an experience of a loved one from beyond the grave, and when she shared that fact with some other friends (all from my church’s youth group) she was austracized and kind of belittled by the leadership of the group, and our pastor at the time. She basically left the church because of it.

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      • Okay… confession… I used the comment I left as a springboard into what I wrote about. So there’s more when my post goes live in a little more than half an hour.

        I hate that your friend went through that. Especially coming from people within the church. Because these are people she should have been able to trust. I don’t care how different someone’s experience is from mine, it’s not my place to judge or belittle someone or make them feel as if what they experienced isn’t real. I may not believe in ghosts the same way others do, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell a family member who swears she had an encounter with her father only a few weeks after he passed away that it was impossible for that to be real and that it was likely just her mind playing tricks on her. That’s just cruel. If she wants to believe that she smelled her dad’s pipe tobacco when she was alone that day, what’s that gonna hurt?

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        • Ooooo hehe thats ok! You springboard all you want 😉

          And yes EXACTLY!! Why can’t everyone get that?! And it was just an experience like that. A smell or something from a family member who passed the week before. It doesn’t hurt at all

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  4. Ok, so this is one of my favorite topics! I absolutely love everything Paranormal! So you can say that yes I believe in ghosts, but I also believe in angels. Until reading your post though I’ve honestly never thought about what the difference in a good ghost, or a lost loved one, and an angel is. I’ve never had any real paranormal experiences myself, but my best friend had tons as we were growing up. I think hearing her accounts was what made me more interested in the paranormal world. I too am a Christian woman and I get so much flack about my obsession’s with it. I agree that the red headed man you were talking to as a child was probably your grandpa. Isn’t that neat? I never really thought much about angels until my other best friend passed away in 2013. After that I read every book I could get my hands on about them and peoples encounters. I’ve wanted nothing more than for her to come and show me a sign that she is ok and that she is still with me. Also, we now live in the house that my husband grew up in. His grandfather, aunt, grandmother, and cousin all died while living here. My daughter’s room was once the grandmother and cousins room. I hear her often on her baby monitor talking and I like to think she is chatting with one of them. It very comforting to know that she will always have someone watching over her.

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  5. Mankind and angels are mutually exclusive. Divine Persons(God), angelic persons, and human persons(mankind) are three different groups. Person, in this context, is a Greek concept, completely different from the word’s everyday usage. People in Heaven don’t become angels but they may get to see them as far as I know. Things like this have always really interested me

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