GF Gets A New Phone

Guys I am spending WAY too much money…

Okies so three years ago, I posted that I got an Iphone by mistake. You can read about that ordeal here and here. For the most part, I ran my Iphone like a google phone – I had gmail and google maps and google drive and google photo backups. It’s just so much easier when all my other accounts are under my gmail login.

But it’s been 3 years. Now if you read that first “here” link, you’ll know that the phone I had prior to the Iphone started to die after only 8 months. There could be a few reasons for this, and one of them being that I bought an older phone, even though it was still “new”, but I can’t really be sure because I’m not techy smart like that. ANYWAY I really did enjoy having the Iphone. I got a few cute cases for it, and only really used one because the other was a silicone one that was ADORABLE but very impractical. It was larger than the phone itself and wouldn’t fit in pockets easily haha.

Anyway, about a year in the battery started to go on it. Which is a common thing with Apple products apparently. It was ok, I just had an external battery pack and would carry it with me always and be able to charge as I go.

But lately, it has been a whole world of annoyance! I will charge the phone overnight, unplug it at 100% in the morning, open one app and the phone shuts off. I plug it back in, it’s at 10%. Once, I recharged it back up to 100%, unplugged it and AGAIN it turned off. So, muttering under my breath, I get it plugged back in, and IT WAS READING 100%!!!

And the screen seems to be freezing and stalling a little bit.

Other than that, I have loved this little mistake for the last three years. But I knew I needed to replace it. So in saving up for my move and stuff, I had hoped that after buy furniture and having enough for September 1st rent before I get paid from my new job, that I would have enough left over to get a new phone. I didn’t want to get another “old so it’s a decent price on koodo” phone. I wanted a Brand. New. Phone. So I decided to buy an unlocked phone from Best Buy.

Since my parents sent a huge amount of money to help out with purchasing a sofa which really covered all my furniture purchases plus a little bit left over, I was confident and comfortable to get a new phone now. And of course the day that I look on the Best Buy website they are having a sale! I reached out to my brother for his advice and found out that his girlfriend (GAH I still need to fill you all in on her!) has the same phone that I was interested in.

After talking to my brother, and calling Koodo to see if my SIM card would work in the new phone, I decided to buy it. It was a lot of money but also, the model isn’t even a year old yet! I ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy S21, my brother and bff have the S20, so all in all it seems like a good phone.

The transfer of sim card from old to new worked well, I was very anxious about it. My contact list moved over (my main concern) but it was a version from at least two years ago! Thankfully I still had access to the information on the Iphone and I had hand written all the important numbers out that I needed and if others got lost, oh well.

Since I was going from an Iphone to an Android, I didn’t have all my apps saved under a google play account so I had to manually download them again but that didn’t take too much time at all.

Now the phone is all set up! And I have done a factory reset on the Iphone. I know now that I probably could have just replaced the battery, but that never occurred to me since there is no external battery! Too late now. I do have a few things that I miss already from the Iphone but I hope that once my brother gets back from his camping trip, he will be able to help me figure out how to get that set up and other things changed.

So there ya have it! 5 new posts this week! I have a new job, new apartment, in a new city, my brother has a new girlfriend and a new car, I have a new phone. It’s just about as much new as I can take! LOL But also I have opened up my dating profile so maybe one more new thing would be ok 😉

7 thoughts on “GF Gets A New Phone

  1. I’ve always been a Samsung gal, but my aunt gifted me the iPhone 5 when it was first released and who the heck can say no to a free brand new phone!? I used it until it gave me the equivalent of the blue screen of death and was able to switch back. Like you, I got used to using an iPhone, but I much prefer Samsung.

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    • For me its the notifications – like on the iphone, the little number stayed until I did something. On this phone, if I clean the notification from the drop down menu the little circle and number goes away?! And whatsapp is saving all the photos and stuff from convos into my photo gallery and I’m gonna need that to stop lol

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  3. Heya lovely, I’ve quickly read through all your posts and am so thrilled that life seems to be awesome in your new place. I have to rush to work now but should be around again now I have a mostly working computer. xx

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