Two Weeks In

And finally able to settle.

When I wrote my one week update last week, I was still waiting for some money to be returned from my old landlord, I had no furniture in my new place that I didn’t bring from Toronto, and no idea when three very important items would be coming in from Ikea.

But now, here I am barely able to sit up from pain, a week later, fully furnished and apparently posting 3 days in a row and tomorrow will be 4. It’s a record!

Basically as soon as I posted my one week update, I got an email from Ikea that one item was back in stock. I had picked out 5 things: a desk chair, a kitchen table, chairs (2) for the table, a tv stand, and a sofa. When I went to order them, only the tv stand and the kitchen chairs were in stock so I decided to wait. Monday morning, the desk chair was available. But I still wanted to wait. If I could make one trip with my brother to pick up items that would be best. He has such a full schedule this month that I didn’t want to be taking up more time than I had to.

WELL the very next day my table came in! Which meant that all that was missing was the sofa and I knew we couldn’t do that plus all the rest in one trip so I asked him when he was free and his only day was that night! AHHH I made an order for click and collect and we were all set! I went to my school tour (amazing) and then met my brother at Ikea at 5. He helped me carry the boxes inside because the table and the desk chair were heavy.

Then I set about putting it all together. I had no other plans last week so it was nice to have something to do.

On Wednesday, I put together the tv stand, the desk chair and the kitchen chairs. BUT ya know what? Some of the steps you have to screw into REAL WOOD with no pre-drilled holes! And my arms just can’t do that! So my brother came over on Thursday evening with his power drill and he vroom vroomed those things into place. Here is what I picked out:

I am really proud of myself for doing all that by myself! Aside from like 16 screws – the seats to the kitchen chairs needed my brother’s drill as did a second shelf on the tv stand not pictured here. However, it involved a lot of muscles that I normally don’t engage in such a strenuous way. Especially my arms and upper back. I even had a pillow to kneel on to try to make it easier on my body. And I know I sound like a really old lady but there ya have it.

All that was left was the sofa. When I set up notifications for the desk chair and kitchen table, the Ikea website said they should be back in stock between “this day and this day”. But with the sofa there was no such time frame. So I was absolutely SHOCKED on Wednesday when I got an email saying it was in!!!

I didn’t want to bother my brother again, knowing how much he had planned for the rest of the week so I got delivery for the sofa. It was an extra $50 and I am SO happy that I did! It was set for Friday between 1pm-5pm, and at 7:30am I was sent an email saying I was 18th on the list and a tracking number for the delivery van. So you know that I obviously had to check the tracking number every 20-30 minutes all day long. The van went WAY out of town and back! And since I am about a 10 minute drive from the store, I was basically last on their route. The sofa arrived at 4, and after seeing the huge boxes and how heavy it was for the delivery guys, I am so glad that I got the delivery because there is no way that my brother and I could have done it.

I found the box that had a tag on it that said “sequence 1 of 3” and thought that was a good place to start. It was not. The instructions were not in there. So I opened a different box, and not in there either. Of course, they were in the third box.

My plan was to get it together by myself, because my brother was coming over for some hang out time Saturday morning. I got to work on the instructions and was able to get through the first 9 steps (out of about 22) and had to stop. The next step was to lift what I had already done onto it’s side and then attach other pieces. Which I am just not strong enough to do! So I had to wait for my brother to come on Saturday morning. He once again brought his power tools and had the attachments for those Ikea allen keys and made quick work of it! In the end, I had a sofa which pulls out into a bed for guests, should I have any, and the chaise part lifts up for storage of blankets and soon to be board games. Since that was done really quickly, we went back to Ikea because in all of this I forgot to use the gift cards I had!! So we picked out some pillows for the sofa, a blanket big enough to fit the sofa bed, and a garbage can for my kitchen.

Of course all of this means that I have about 50lbs of cardboard in my bedroom blocking EVERYTHING and two bags of plastic wrap and black tension cords from the sofa boxes. Friday night I took a box cutter to most of the cardboard and got it all into the box that came with my desk chair. I was also able to cut down one of the boxes that my sofa came in. Saturday morning, while waiting for my brother to arrive, I flattened out and folded up the plastic wrap, and cut the black cords down into 3 inch pieces to go from two full bags to about 1/5 of a bag of waste. Saturday afternoon I cut apart the other two huge sofa boxes, but had to tie those pieces together since it was too much for the box. It’s cardboard pickup tomorrow morning for garbage day so I have taken those out tonight, and they weren’t as heavy as I had anticipated haha

Now I still have some things to organize, like I want to get all my books out onto my white shelves in my bedroom, but for the most part I am completely done! And for at least a day or two I won’t be doing anything because something is pinched or shifted in my left hip and I can barely stand. So my amazing brother has come through once again and has hooked me up with his chiropractor, I have to wait until Friday to see him but at least I got in this week and have no plans that will make me be in pain.

Another great thing, is after two weeks of waiting and borderline harassing my old landlord, I am finally free from her and able to put my Toronto life in the past! When I left, I cleaned my room, hung the keys on the hooks inside the room, locked and closed the door. I was NOT leaving my room open for the idiots to go in and out and mess it up. I sent a picture of the keys to my landlord and detailed the money that I expected her to transfer back into my account (key deposit, rent adjustment since I was paying less than my first/last deposit, as well as two days rent back for not living there which she offered in an attempt to get me not to report her to the LLTB). That was on a Thursday. On Saturday she tells me the door is locked and she can’t get in. Well duh it’s locked like I told her it was. But she doesn’t have a key…WHAT KIND OF LANDLORD DOESN’T HAVE A KEY?! A week after I had left I sent a text, she says she needs to call a locksmith still. Two weeks after I left I sent a text and gave her a deadline of Saturday evening. She says she has a business and is busy and has to call a locksmith, she will get it done by the end of the weekend. Monday (yesterday) morning I text AGAIN. She says she will have it done by the end of the day. I woke up this morning and had the deposit in my account. UGH But it’s done and over with and now I just have to wait until our LLTB hearing and it will be all finished.

Honestly, just being here for two weeks, this is already a more amazing place than any of my Toronto places. It truly is just my own space. Like even just the fact that I ate dinner tonight at a kitchen table? I haven’t done that in two years. Like eating at a table. How strange of a concept! Cleaning and knowing that it will stay clean?! WHAT A CONCEPT!

And since you have all sat through this long and boring tale of my moving and building and setting up, here is a silent video tour of my Ikea home for you to enjoy.

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