Nail Art: Stripes

Since I am fully moved in and mostly set up in my new place, I was able to get a proper nail design on!

I’ve been in my new apartment for two weeks now, but I came with only a bedroom full of things (bed, one loungey chair, a set of shelves, a desk) but I moved into a full suite so I needed some furniture. While I was waiting for the items I wanted from Ikea to arrive, I was using things for their unintended purposes and so when I did my nails last week, I just did a quick fill and that was it.

However, now that I have all my furniture picked out and purchased and set up, yesterday I was able to do a proper set of nails. Mostly because I was rushing last week and a few nails had some lifts happening that needed to be fixed asap.

So I actually got to do my nails sitting at my actual desk, in an actual desk chair. Instead of hunched over a folding tray table in an Ikea proang chair with my back killing me like I have been doing for the last year. AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE!

Since I had just done my nails a week before, I really shouldn’t have needed to fill in any product at the back, but like I said, I was rushing last week and I guess maybe didn’t prep a few nails as well as I should have and some chips and lifts and air bubbles were happening. Usually I only need about a pea sized amount of poly-gel (or hybrid gel) when it’s been 2-3 weeks, so after one week the very most I needed was like the size of a lentil. I didn’t file down my nails at all, just prepped the backs and smoothed it out as best I could with such a tiny bit. It obviously didn’t take very much time at all!

Then onto the design. This was my inspiration for the design:

Now I have had this in my photos since APRIL! Because I think it’s super cute but I also had issues of grasping how exactly I was going to do the stripes. But then it hit me! I could STAMP them on! The only thing is that to get the same colour of green for the stamp, I would have to use regular polish on my nails and not gel polish. So I wouldn’t get the same smooth sleek look at in the picture. I also have these sticker guide things that I could have used as well.

So I started out with stamping in mind. It is honestly the easiest of the options. I chose my polish colours and applied them. Since I have my poly-gel nails on, regular polish soaks in really fast and dries to the touch even faster! I had to do three coats of both the green and the while in order for it to actually look smooth. And even then, the white finger on my left hand looks a little smushy. But I think it’s a “only I can notice” thing.

Then I got to the stamping. I set up my stamping items, and picked a nice thick line which a gem could fit into nicely (yes I put gems on the lines to see). Then I did the white line first since I only needed one of them. And then tried the green. But the stamper would NOT pick it up! It’s not a “stamping polish” and I just think it was too thin to fill the etched shape in the plate. So I tried mixing the green polish it with some of my stamping white to see if that would make it thick enough to pick up. It didn’t. I tried to mix my stamping white and stamping green to get a close colour match and I couldn’t!

I did the only thing I had left to do – I hand painted the lines. I’m not so great at the hand painting and prefer to use other tools in order to achieve my designs. But I chose a paint brush with a wide enough edge that would make the perfect line and prayed for the best outcome. It worked! Not the best obviously, but enough that I am happy with how it ended up. I went over the white stamped line so that it would match the other lines I had to create myself and then let it dry for over an hour. With the regular polish, it just takes sooooo long to actually air dry. BUT I am also impatient. I wanted to put a gel top coat on and people say to leave the polish to dry for 24 hours but who has that time? Well I do actually since I’m not working at the moment but also the polish could/would chip in that amount of time! An hour and a half was about all I gave it. It was dry to the touch and that was good enough for me.

I applied the gel top coat, put the gems on while it was still wet, and cured them under the UV light. It is true that a good top coat fixes most things and that’s exactly what happened. Once the shiny top coat was on, I was even more impressed with how the nails turned out. Sure I wish I had remembered to use the sticker guides to get a crisp straight line, but there’s nothing I can do about that now haha

Here is the video of how I did it, obviously cutting out all the mistakes

And here is the final product on my nails:

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