Sunday Scribblings #66

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is relax.

I think it’s kind of amazing that every person’s idea of relaxing is totally different. My best friend, for example, likes to bake. Now baking is fun and nice and I like it, but the idea of having to organize all the ingredients and then the clean up after is not exactly my idea of relaxing. My brother loves to relax in nature and he goes camping or fishing with his friends. I, for instance, had to work myself up to killing a spider on the wall this morning, and got sunburnt getting ice cream last weekend, so this is not my idea of relaxation.

For me, relaxing is doing this. Writing some piece for my blog that I cant to write whatever I want and just let my fingers do all the work. So thanks Aaron for giving me that relaxation every Sunday 😉 I also like doing my nails (the drilling part is actually very relaxing, the sound is soothing I guess lol), reading, watching tv/movies. All those lovely things.

Sunday is actually my relaxing day. In Toronto, I would do all my cooking for the week and laundry on Saturday mornings since everyone else was sleeping and I was able to do it without getting in anyone’s way or disturbing anyone (unless I set off the smoke alarm by mistake and then I was kinda rattled but then happy for “accidentally” waking up the idiots). Here in Ottawa, I don’t really have to do that anymore but I am sure that I will get into a nice little routine once I get working again.

Most Sundays are chill days for me. Like I try to plan nothing. I wake up and read some PostSecret while I have breakfast, I write my Sunday Scribbling’s post for Aaron (on the weeks that I have had time to think on the topic and come up with an idea for the post), I listen to my virtual church service (which changes to in person on September 5th), and then after lunch it’s either nails or movies/tv or both.

Today is going to be a very relaxing day. I need to do my nails but I might just push that off until tomorrow. My body does this thing where I can be totally fine during like a time where I need to be focused and on top of everything and then as soon as it’s done, then I just crash for a few days. When I would have exams in university I would be totally fine until my last exam and then get a cold. My body would just crash out and it was how it got me to slow down and relax for a bit. Today is one of those days.

As of yesterday at lunch, I am completely finished my buying and building phase of moving in (Bex, I promise pictures and possibly a video tour later this week). And yesterday it also clicked as to why this move was so overwhelming for me, and why my body has decided that it’s just going to crash now.

First of all, it’s been two weeks of “moving” – first all my stuff to my brother’s house and then again to my new place.

And then depending on him to help me pick up orders of things from Ikea but the items I wanted weren’t in stock BUT the day I got an email saying they were was his only free day so I did click and collect and got them and he helped me bring them back. And then oh goodness the sofa! I had no idea when it was going to be coming but it came into stock on Wednesday so I had a delivery on Friday and then my delivery option was “entrance way” but did that mean just into the door into the basement OR down the stairs and into the door to my actual apartment? And would it come and block the others from going in and out? Or would it be loud and disturb them? Or or or or.

But really, this has taken so much out of me because I’m not just moving a bedroom. I am moving into a whole unit. And I had never done that before. Usually I just move my clothes and sometimes a bed if I need it. But when I was in Toronto, each job/living space I had I thought that I would be there for a while and thus made it more “like home” than the one before. So I had all that to move as well.

Add all of that on top of the fact that I am so used to doing things by myself that it’s really hard for me to ask for help, and honestly even harder to accept it. My brother has been AMAZING in offering his dying car to help me when he can manage it. This month has been crazy for him and I’ve added onto that which makes me feel bad. He’s legit the best brother and I love him so much and have tried to be more open to accepting his help (and the help of his girlfriend as well) and have made a point of telling him how appreciative I am of all of it. And also feeding him anytime he helps lol

And now that the sofa (the last piece of furniture) has arrived and my brother and I have set it up, my body can switch from stress mode to relaxed mode. I still have a little more to unpack like books and some organizing but that’s just little things that I can do here and there when I have time. There’s no “will be it available soon? How will it get to my place? How do I put it together? Can I do it myself?” It’s more “where can this be functional? Is this how I want to set things up?”

So today will be a super ultra relaxing day. Tomorrow I need to start stressing over getting a new phone, changing over my number, and then work since I only have two weeks left until I begin my new job, but today is a relaxing day.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #66

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  2. Hope you have a lovely relaxing day!! It sounds like it’s been a very busy move, understandably.

    I’m with you that neither baking or fishing are particularly relaxing! I wouldn’t find painting my nails relaxing either, because I’d be so fixated on getting it right. But getting my nails done by someone ELSE would be relaxing haha.

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