After A Week

A little (probably long) reflection

In just a few hours, I will have been at my new place for an entire week. My brother and his girlfriend helped me move all my stuff in after lunch last Monday since it was a holiday here in Ontario. Let me just fill you in on how things are going.

First of all, just the complete and utter difference in landlords. My new landlord seems to be the sweetest lady. My old landlord still hasn’t returned my key deposit because when I left I cleaned the room, put the keys inside and locked the door. She doesn’t have a key to the door so she is locked out. My new landlord was here changing the batteries in the smoke alarm when I arrived on Sunday to pick up my keys. She couldn’t get it to stop chirping so she replaced the entire device. She put a dehumidifier in my bedroom and told me to use it every day for my own health. I have started leaving it on all day in there and I have to empty it out about twice a day, I do turn it off when I sleep but I might stop doing that haha. On Saturday, I was coming home from coffee with a friend and noticed a LOT of emergency vehicles blocking off the main road (I was walking along some side streets). I asked a lady who was there (she cautioned me to be careful as lots of cars were coming around the corner due to the police vehicles blocking the road) and she said someone died from being shot! I asked if this was normal and she said no haha thank goodness!! Anyway, I went home and about an hour later my new landlord called just to make sure I was safe. Someone upstairs had texted her to let her know about the road being blocked off and she just wanted to check in on me and suggested I stay home until it was all cleared up. AMAZING. The cable was out last night and the landlord had me reset the internet/cable box thingy and she said that she had learned it was a domestic issue and that the police even had to use a flash bomb to get in (which went off just as I reached my door).

Next: the roommate situation. In this whole entire house, there are 3 different units and 5 people. I have my own unit all to myself. There is another unit down here in the basement and an older gentleman lives there. I met him and he seems nice. There are 3 people who share the upstairs. But honestly it is SO QUIET! I can hear the basement guy going up and down the stairs quite a bit, but care hardly ever hear anyone upstairs. For the first time in a year, I am able to sleep without ear plugs! My only concern is my own personal TV. My fridge is quite loud when the fan gets going, so I have to turn the TV up to cover that sound. So far no complaints from upstairs people, so I am feeling comfortable with the level. Quiet time is 11pm for all of Ontario (after that you can file a noise complaint) and this house does an amazing job of keeping to that.

Routines: since I have my own unit, I have started to get back into regular routines. In Toronto, I would be having lunch around 11am, dinner around 4:30-5pm. And I would be legitimately hungry at those times. But I think it is because I got used to having to share the kitchen at normal eating times with the group of idiots who would start prepping a meal at 4pm and be in the kitchen and cooking until 8pm. Now I can cook and eat whenever I want! In Toronto, I would be going to the bathroom a LOT because I never knew when I would have the chance to go or if I’d have to be waiting an hour in discomfort while others were using the bathroom. Now, all alone, this has gone. I used to shower at 6pm just to get in, and get ready for bed around 9:20 because the idiots would all start to shower at around 9:30/9:45 and take sooo long. Now I can shower and get ready for bed whenever I want.

General overall things that are better: being able to have a hand towel on a towel rack in the bathroom so it has a chance to dry out, being able to keep toilet paper on the roll not under the sink, not having to carry in items to the bathroom or load my arms with dishes and supplies just to cook. Being able to use drawers and shelves in the kitchen. Being able to walk around freely without my wig on!! Being able to walk without shoes on and not have dirty feet. Being able to lock the door to my unit!

Stress levels: my brother’s girlfriend is just starting her own counselling business (specializing on Christian women so if you’re interested email me and I’ll hook you up with her website link) and she said something the other day, that based on how I was living, I was basically in a series of emotionally abusive relationships which caused my entire day to be lived in trauma. Which ya know, kind of makes sense. I would be in my room and I would listen for the comings and goings of others. If I had to go to the bathroom, I would listen to see if I could hear anyone else in there, if my water bottle was empty and I needed to refill it, I would listen to see if anyone was in the kitchen before going down. I didn’t HAVE to do these things, but I had trained myself to do them to avoid being in the same room as the group of “the idiots”. Not having to hear a fire alarm almost every single day, and because they were set off so easily (especially in the unit I lived in) never actually knowing if there was a genuine concern or if someone was just using the toaster without putting on the stove fan first.

So I guess I was always living on edge. And now, it’s like this is my own little space but the by products of that stress are still present. For example what I said with my TV. I really really dislike thinking that others are being disrupted by my tv. I just think its so disrespectful to blast the noise levels. In Toronto, because it was just a bedroom and you could hear everything everyone did, I always wore headphones. The ring leader and boyfriend2 would blast their tv – like it was on a different level of the house (down the stairs) and through two closed doors I could still hear the office theme song. Cooking has also been giving me a lot of stress lately. When I use the oven it has a weird smell (probably just from being cleaned) so I turn on the fan full blast and open the kitchen window and live in a constant state of panic of setting off the smoke alarms. Yesterday, I went to boil a batch of eggs for breakfast and the burner was smoking – talk about panic! Again, probably just from being cleaned and some residue being left behind on it. I turned it off and switched burners. The second did the same thing but I let it burn off and continued to use it. I will have to test out the other burners soon so I can burn off any residue on them as well.

Having my brother close is awesome. Although I think I have seen enough of him for a while now LOL

It’s been a nice adjustment to have my own space and try to make it my own. The last thing that I need now is furniture, and I’m just waiting for certain pieces from Ikea to become available. I’ve picked it all out and set up email notifications about it and now I just wait. My brother has been amazing in offering his vehicle to help transport things. I got an email this morning that one of the three items I’m waiting on is back in stock. I will wait for one more and then place a click and collect order. Then all that would be left is the sofa. Which I’m not sure when it will be in stock. My parents sent an outrageous amount of money to “help” with the sofa (it will cover the cost of my ENTIRE furniture order). I tried to argue with my dad over it but he just said “no send backs” so I guess that’s final haha. It will definitely help though and I’m thankful and grateful to have it. I get to have a tour of my new school tomorrow and then I can start planning some lessons and what my year will look like.

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