No longer in Toronto!

I think the title gives away the topic of this post quite nicely.

The moving is all finally over. And my lovely Peeps and Meeps it has been a long week!!

When I took my trip to Ottawa in the middle of June, I was sensible enough to take a few bags/boxes of things that were not essential to my life for the rest of the summer. Things like a suitcase full of books and my bag of knitting/cross stitching things. It wasn’t a lot of stuff but it was still enough.

The last week has been the rest of the move and honestly I am just exhausted!

Last Monday I ordered my new mattress. I was still using the one I got when I was abut 16/17 so it was time for a new one. I ordered a Juno, and after having it arrive and only sleeping on it one night, I must say I really like it.

Tuesday afternoon I rented a car. I wrote about the headache it was to just get a decent rental at the end of June and I was excited to get my car. I have a discount with the university I graduated from which gives me a HUGE decrease in daily rate, and up to a certain size, it’s unlimited mileage as well. So I booked the biggest size I could with unlimited mileage. I only booked for 24 hours so I picked up at 2pm so I could get back into Toronto by 2pm the next day. This also meant that I ran the risk of the rental agency not having my size of car anymore so late in the afternoon and having to give me a bigger one HAHA!

Tuesday was pouring all morning, but by the time I left to go get the car it had stopped. And the whole drive was supposed to be rain rain rain rain but the sun stayed just a little bit in front of me and I had dry roads and clear skies the whole way.

So I go into the rental office and the guy working is all alone and the phones are ringing OFF THE HOOK! While he was juggling a cell phone and the office phone, and trying to get me checked in, I asked if he could pick the car with the biggest cargo space for the size that I reserved. He said sure and then was sucked into another 10 minutes on the phone. By the end I was still in a good mood and he was like “thank you so much! How does a free upgrade sound?!” SO I GOT AN SUV!!!! I was able to pack about 80% into that SUV and took it to Ottawa that afternoon. I met my brother’s new girlfriend (a topic for another post), barely slept, and then drove back to Toronto first thing on Wednesday.

Thursday came and my parents drove to Toronto in the rain with my dad’s trailer. By the time they arrived it had stopped raining and we loaded everything up. Shockingly both my parents came. It’s always a surprise if my mom decides to come the day things are supposed to happen. But she still hadn’t seen my brother’s new house and neither of my parents had met his girlfriend. So add in the stress of moving with the stress of being in the same space as my mom for a day or so and I was stressed to the max and sleep deprived. Good news though! My new mattress arrived around 11am at my brother’s house.

We hustled and went to dinner all 5 of us. My parents were only supposed to stay one night, we met at the restaurant. Which meant that I was a sweaty smelly mess, had to wear a coat inside, and it was not the best experience. I was super cranks but did it for my brother.

We got back to his place and unpacked the few things in the trailer. His girlfriend stayed a while longer and we all chatted a bit. I was EXHAUSTED and was so happy when she left so I could go to sleep. I was on a couch in the basement so there was no way I could just excuse myself early to sleep.

Friday I woke up and learned that my parents had decided to stay an extra day. So I was stuck with my mom while my brother went to work. But my dad was there too and he’s awesome so that was good. The three of us went out for lunch and a little country drive, my brother got off work early for the long weekend and then his girlfriend came over for dinner and more chatting. My parents left Saturday morning with not much of an issue, and my brother had plans with his girlfriend so I was left alone in his house. Which was AMAZING. I needed that time alone. They came back and brought dinner and we watched some tv and a movie.

Sunday I got my house keys! It was supposed to pour all day so the plan was that my brother and I would take just one load in his car – my bed frame, my new mattress, my big ikea shelf, and then we just filled in the rest of the space with a few other things. We got to my new place, it had stopped raining, met the landlord there trying to change the batteries in the smoke alarm, we brought in the stuff and got to work. I started with the bed frame since it was the easiest of the two, and my brother went to work on the ikea shelf. He was actually done before me!!! We opened up and unrolled the mattress. Went to Walmart real quick to get a microwave, toaster, and a few breakfast items. Dropped them at the new place, and went back to his. He left me for the evening so he could have alone kissie time with his new girlfriend, and I was once again at his place watching movies and just having some quiet time.

Monday, yesterday, his girlfriend came over and we fit all the rest of my stuff into their two vehicles. I took them out for lunch and then we unloaded everything and now here I am!!

I went grocery shopping this morning and have almost everything unpacked. I still need to get a sofa and a little bit of other things to make it perfect but so far it’s all good. So much better than my old places in Toronto! The landlord knows what she is doing, I have my own living space and don’t share with ANYONE except the laundry room, and I have met the other tenant in the basement here and he seems nice. But again, we share the hall way to the door haha that’s it.

So now I am in Ottawa and ready for the rest phase of life to begin!

14 thoughts on “No longer in Toronto!

  1. So happy you are all moved & starting to settle! Take a few days to relax if you can (I wish I did that).
    BUUTT you’ll love Ottawa, I lived there for almost 5 years, it was a great city.
    So excited for you on this next chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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