The Blogger Games – 1

Paul is at it once again, connecting his blogging community with games while simultaneously pitting us all against each other!

So this new game that Paul has us working on is a weekly thing. You answer questions about Paul’s life, and you get points. Seems simple unless you only had five hours of sleep after spending three days packing up your life and then driving 5 hours to a different city to sleep those lousy 5 hours and then come all the way back. But here we are! And I know I could wait, but there is already an answer post posted and I don’t want to read other people’s answers before giving my own.

Paul gives us 10 questions all about him and we have to choose the correct answer. Here are his questions, with my answers bolded and underlined.

1. At which restaurant did the waiter pour ice cubes down my back?
A) Red Lobster
B) Pizza Hut
C) Swiss Chalet
D) The Cheesecake Factory

2. Which of the following fell out the bottom of a takeout container and onto the sidewalk?
A) Pasta
B) Noodles and Honey Garlic Chicken
C) Burger and Fries
D) Chicken Noodle Soup

3. Which condiment would I never put on a hotdog?
A) Relish
B) Ketchup
C) Mustard
D) Hot Peppers

4. Which is my favourite donut chain?
A) Krispy Kreme
B) Time Hortons
C) Coffee Time
D) Country Style

5. As a kid, I would make a “Saturday Night Drink” that consisted of: ice, lemon slices, and which soft drink?
A) Ginger Ale
B) Sprite
C) Coca-Cola
D) Diet Pepsi

6. Where did I eat watermelon for the first time?
A) After my softball game
B) Field Trip
C) Friend’s Birthday
D) In the street playing road hockey (snack break)

7. Which food did I mispronounce to a cafeteria worker at school?
A) Rhubarb Pie
B) Provolone Cheese
C) Falafel
D) Potato Wedges

8. Which dessert did I drop on the floor at a buffet?
A) Brownie
B) Cupcake
C) Ice Cream
D) Lemon Bar

9. Which of the following cereals have I never had?
A) Cinnamon Toast Crunch
B) Corn Flakes
C) Shreddies
D) Rice Krispies

10. When I got braces, which food did I start cutting in half before eating?
A) Crackers
B) Grapes
C) French Fries
D) Sandwich

Each week Paul also has some extra questions to guide the participant in their own answers about themselves, and I know that it’s meant to help us share about ourselves, but this week I’m going to take a pass on those questions. Next time I promise!

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