Sunday Scribblings #63

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is needle.

So we all know that the Olympics have started in Tokyo. I have been watching it while I have been packing my life up here in Toronto. Honestly, I packed for an hour and a half yesterday and I’ll do about another hour today and I’m done HAHA and then dismantle furniture tomorrow. But that’s no the point! Focus up T!

So in just the little bit that I have been watching, it has already been talked about that one player had to withdraw due to using illegal drugs of some sort and did not win his appeal. I think he was a swimmer. And also, there are reports of certain athletes not being able to participate because of their marajuana use.

But here is my question:

If you are a world class athlete, and you KNOW that you need to pass certain drug checks before competitions, why are you using drugs?!

It’s not like these tests are a surprise to anyone. Everyone in the whole world knows that athletes are going to be tested. Wasn’t the last Olympics surrounded by the news that the entire Russian team was banned due to substance use.

I just don’t get it.

Another thing I don’t get, beach volleyball bikini bottoms for women. I was honestly SHOCKED to learn that only 10 cms of their butts can be covered. WHAT IS THAT!?!

I was watching some beach volleyball yesterday and the Canadian girls had so much junk in their trunk that their butts were legit eating their bottoms. WHY is this a rule?! How does the amount of flesh that a woman shows of her posterior affect her game? And if you’re just watching the game to pay attention to making sure that no more than 10cms of flesh is covered, are you really watching the game? No. If you’re going to be audibly upset that you can’t see almost all of woman’s butt, should you really be watching the game? No. You’re a perv. Can we just let these athletes play in clothes that don’t hinder the game but also allow them dignity and comfort? It’s a little bit ridiculous. Like sure if you wanted to make the sports naked like they were originally, then sure, make them naked for everyone. But society needs to stop sexualizing women.

So that was a rant HAHA and not exactly where I thought this post would go. But there ya have it. If you can find some sort of coherent point in all of that, please feel free to share your own in the comments below haha.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #63

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  2. Unbelievable about those shorts. I thought the women wanted to wear them like that! I haven’t watched any of the Olympics yet. My mom is here visiting for a couple days. First time I’ve seen her in over a year…you know what that’s like!

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  3. Ok so I did some research and they women beach volleyball players are allowed to wear long sleeves, a tank top, or shorts, if they don’t want to wear a bikini. However, most of them don’t go for those options because too much sand would get caught in their uniform and they find it uncomfortable. They seem to prefer the bikini.

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  4. I can’t watch the games. The whole political bent for some US teams drives me crazy. If you’re embarrassed by the country that you represent, stand aside and let someone else represent. It supposed to be about sports, not politics.

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  5. The rule isn’t 10cm of their butt, the sides of their bottoms must be 10cm – so they can make them full bottomed if they want (if that makes sense, lol).

    I think with modern lycra they should be able to wear fuller bottoms if they want because it would still be very flexible, but I wonder what the rules are in their own countries? Is this just an Olympics rule? My understanding is that it is a sport rule, so why haven’t they been trying to get it changed before now?

    And yes, I’ve been watching Olympics when I can. Sadly a lot of the Olympic event times have been changed to suit an American audience (for example, swimming finals are on in the morning in Japan – which affects the swimmers training and prep because they are usually at night), so American audiences get them prime time. Not such good timing now for Australia (as we are fairly close in time zone to Japan). Means I am not getting to see all that much.

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