Sunday Scribblings #62

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is ice cream.

I usually say that I am not a sweet person – I would much rather have a salty snack. But lately, ya know what, I am craving all the sweet things and I’m not exactly sure why….MAYBE it’s because I just snack on chips all the time and that is making me very bleh on the chips? I’m not sure.

But either way, ice cream is usually not my go-to snackie snack. I like it, sure, in moderation, but to have it around a lot? No thanks. If I do want it, then I want just one bowl and I don’t want a container sitting in my freezer for a thousand days while I decide if I want to eat any more or not.

When I was little, we actually had one of those ice cream makers. If my memory of when I was 4 serves me right, it looked like one of those pails that you make butter in, during the old time before you could just walk into a store and get butter. Like it was round, and the outside had wooden slats all the way around, and the top had a crank handle. This was like 1990 so it’s not like the fancy ice cream makers of today.

Anyway, so my dad would fill it up with all the ingredients and then fill the outer rim with ice and salt and crank the top crank. He would have us do it, because like what else are children good for except to make ice cream?! So we’d crank it at the start since it was easier and my brother and I would fight over it “No it’s my turn! You’ve done it long enough!” was probably shouted a lot. And then once we got tired, or it got to hard to crank (probably the first if I’m being honest) my dad would take over and after a while we would have ice cream! YUM!

But my dad is kind of like an ice cream snob. Just a little bit. He used to be a dairy inspector and he knows the main guys at Chapman’s. Like how weird is that?! Actually the Chapman’s ice cream factory is in the small town of Markdale which is where my mom was raised so we are pretty pro-Chapman’s.

My dad likes to have his ice cream and will often have some sort of frozen dessert in the house all year long. Since my mom is lactose intolerant, it’s now like sherbet or something else like coconut milk ice cream for her and real ice cream for my dad.

But like I said at the start, I’m not a very sweet person. My dad is the type to get like triple chocolate with extra chocolate, and I’m over here like “ummmm anything less chocolatey?” I like my men chocolate but not my ice cream. My go to flavour is something along the lines of like a pecan/pralines and caramel thing? Or just a standard ice cream sandwich!! Oh goodness I love those!

Right now in my freezer I do have some ice pops. They are those creamsicles with the pink/purple/orange around the outside and a nice cream in the middle. Pretty tasty!

What’s your feelings on ice cream? Can it ever be tooooo sweet/chocolatey? What’s your favourite flavour? Lemme know in the comments below!

22 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #62

  1. My current go to flavor is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s got pieces of the actual cereal in it. In the past, my favorite flavors have been Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns, but I haven’t been able to find that anywhere since moving back to Virginia 10 years ago… even though the website says it’s still around. And I think Turkey Hill had a banana pudding flavor with bits of vanilla wafers mixed in. Another flavor I can’t find anywhere.

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  3. I think you are a sweet person, you just don’t like too many sweets :). Mint chocolate chip is my favorite. I’ve been having some low carb ice creams and they are not that bad. Maybe you should try them since they are not sweet.

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    • Hhehe yes for sure! That’s exactly what I am ☺️

      Hmmmms interesting about the ice cream! This week is going to be a “eat whatever cos you have plans so dont worry about the takeout just try to balance it out” week. Low carb does not apply here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. I loveee ice cream! I’ll even have ice cream cake most years for my birthday if I can get it. Love classic ice cream, LOVE gelato, love frozen yogurt. I can be a simple gal–french vanilla is one of my favourites–but there’s places near me like the Marble Slab or even Sweet Jesus where you can get all sorts of cookies and caramels and sprinkles folded into your ice cream and as a special treat once or twice a year, it’s worth it.

    I will say I’ve never been a fan of ice cream I feel tastes too artificial? Bubble gum or cotton candy flavour or anything like that has never been for me.

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        • I love the logs – cos my favourite part is the fudge and crumble in the middle. I tried to get one for my birthday but they wouldn’t take a custom order (this was in mid-April at the very height of our daily case counts. Legit the day after was the highest all pandemic) and the only one they had was ugly. So when I saw it was ugly I got a cake instead. It lasted over a week but I ate it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          And sooooo true! They just taste so fake! I used to work at Tim Hortons and I refused to clean/fill the flavour machine. Thankfully as a supervisor I had someone else do it and usually over midnight shift when I wasn’t there. It gives me massive headaches! And once a customer asked if I would recommend them and I knew they were a healthy eater and I straight up said “not at all. They smell and taste like chemicals” LOL they were a little thrown off by my honest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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          • Oh I haven’t had a log in AGES!! Sorry you couldn’t have one but at least you had a cake!!

            Oh wow I cannot imagine how strong that smell must have been that you didn’t want to even do it and it gave headaches. Just sickeningly artificial?? lol better to be honest!!

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  5. Salted caramel macadamia ice-cream is my fave at the moment. And yes, I do like ice-cream πŸ™‚ Not at the moment, when we could leave the ice-cream out and it will stay frozen, but in summer when it’s hot yum! Another fave in summer is vanilla ice-cream with fresh mango. Mmmm.

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