Nail Art: Cherries

Just a little summery time fun!

Okies so to level with you guys, my week has SUCKED! And about the only good thing to happen was that my nail design turned out pretty great. And yes, I did just change my nails a week ago today, but the little beads all fell off (I admit I picked a few off…)

And this one Instagram account that I follow has a giveaway happening that if you post a summer nail idea that you could win some polishes. And if you use their products you get bonus entries. So that’s what I did!!

I decided on some cherries because it was going to be a detailed design and I was just changing the design not doing a whole fill and file and stuff. So I had the patience to do something more detailed. I used a stamping plate to make it a little easier on myself, and tried to stamp the same design twice – once to get the cherry outline and stems and the second the leaves (so they could be green) but it didn’t work so I had to draw the leaves on by hand.

Honestly it turned out SO GOOD! I really like it! I’m sad that I will have to take them off next weekend, but I will have to do a fill and file then in order to pack all my stuff and not have crazy long/grown out and probably lifting nails when I move. There will be no post because I don’t plan on doing a design. Just file them as short as I can and fill in the back so that none of them break off while I move.

There is no inspiration picture for this post! Just my own ideas!

Here is how they turned out:

And here is the video oh how I did them! I changed up the music this time around. I didn’t zoom in for this video but still need to work on my placement of the account name so that it’s in each frame.

13 thoughts on “Nail Art: Cherries

  1. Love these! I love seeing your nail posts every week. I got into doing my nails this year but am having to take a break to rehab them bc they were peeling (I think I overdid the acetone). So I’m living vicariously through your blog, lol.

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  2. You know, T, I think I like these even more than the nude nails of last week (and I thought they were pretty). But these cherries are awesome. You know I am no-where near your nail skill, just painting mine with basic old fashioned polish, but I did rose stickers (you know the raised clear ones you paint over?) for my first day at my new job. Meant to take a photo to show you but they are gone now. Maybe I will have to get more adventurous now I have a job where people are looking at my fingers…

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