The Captain’s Quiz Results: OUTRAGEOUS!

We all knew this was coming, so sit back and feel my wrath!**

fist shake GIF

FIRST OF ALL! Who exactly IS this “Paul” and what qualifications does he think he has to judge this “Captain’s Quiz”?! And why does he think that we will just accept his opinion on this?!

SECONDLY! Why is he pushing us to interact with strangers?! He obviously has no concept of safety.

ANNNNNNDDDDD Why did I lose points for a hypothetical movie theatre answer?! He didn’t tell us what kind of theatre so OBVIOUSLY all the answers would be hypothetical!!

hey arnold nicksplat GIF

ANOTHER THING! I lost bonus points for Paul “not knowing” who Shemar Moore is. WELL PAUL if you would have read all my posts from before you joined my blog like any true fan, you would have known who he was. AND YOU DO KNOW WHO HE IS AFTER ME SENDING PICTURES! So I demand bonus points!

And why am I being punished for being able to tie balloons?! Did you think that MAYBE it’s a useful thing that I worked really hard at to learn how to do because I work with children and sometimes I really need to be able to tie balloons quickly?! No you didn’t think about that!

Paul is flat out lying to you when he says Santa’s workshop is a “mythical place”. CLEARLY HE’S NOT IN HIS RIGHT MIND!

AND YA KNOW WHAT PAUL?! I totally deserved to have bonus points for all the hard work I put into that bonus answer. It took like 10 minutes of stalking to get that answer.

angry episode 15 GIF

I AM DEMANDING A RECOUNT! And by an impartial third party company. The elves in the North Pole Workshop who worked with my dad as their supervisor elf will gladly take on the task.

Until this is rectified, please know that the following people are now on my elf enforced hit list:

  1. Paul, obviously
  2. Bill, because he won – AND I AM NOT GIVING UP MY CROWN
  3. Renata, because she got more points than me.


ian hecox fist shake GIF

**This post was supported (and suggested) by Paul, and completely false in all of the anger. Except that Paul didn’t know who Shemar Moore was by name. Congratulations to Bill for his win!! I look forward to seeing what scores the next quiz brings for all of us!

27 thoughts on “The Captain’s Quiz Results: OUTRAGEOUS!

  1. Oh this was better than I ever could’ve expected hahaha thanks for including all the fist shaking GIFs you could find.


    If you win the next quiz, I might laugh for an entire week because the aftermath of that would be great.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is serving as your own personal enforcers really the best use of the elves’ time? Sure, July may not be the height of the toy-making season, but I assume they’re doing market research on what are going to be the hot items for Christmas and developing schematics.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Absolutely. The tying balloons? Same for me. Not hard; I worked hard to get that skill!
    πŸ˜› and everyone knows who Mr. Moore is, even without knowing his show. πŸ™‚
    You did awesome, T. Even if you didn’t win.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sorry, T. Was laughing as I read this (because anyone who knows you would know you couldn’t be angry for reals). And not knowing Shemar Moore… can you take points off Paul? I mean, really… πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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