Sunday Scribblings #60

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is independence.

First of all, let me wish a very happy Independence Day to all my American separators from the British Common Wealth!

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "HAPPY TREASON DAY UNGRATEFUL COLONIALS"

Now, I have never really understood something, that the fact that I am a woman (shocker I know, but I had to admit it sometime) and the fact that I am independent, is APPARENTLY a bad thing.

I have always been independent. Well I guess, not always, but for most of my life. My mom likes to tell this story that when she had my brother, he wasn’t a very lovey dovey baby. And when she was pregnant with me, she just wished that she would have a cuddly baby. Which I was! BUT ya all should know that a red-headed aries is not going to be like that forever. I still do love cuddles, future boyfriend please be advised, but I am also a “do it myself” type of person.

My dad forced me to get a job when I was in high school. It didn’t have to be anything huge but I was making my own money. And at the time I kind of felt it was unfair, my brother was in air cadets and didn’t need a job. But I did. Now, I get it! I am confident on my own and can live my life without the help of a man. Basically, I don’t need a man to survive and I think that was probably what my dad was trying to prepare me for. Not to be a helpless girl who can’t change a tire on her car without calling CAA.

And it worked. I can change a tire all by myself.

My one friend that I have known since I was two, started dating this one guy. We actually found out after she started dating him that he was the exact same guy that his grandmother wanted ME to meet. She was friends with my mom and was trying to set me up with him for MONTHS. Thank goodness it never happened because ew. Anyway, they eventually got married and now have two children. When I was over to their house last, after the birth of their first child, like three years ago, I was having a conversation with my friend about this grandmother. And apparently this lady (who I really dislike) told my friend that I will never get married and have children of my own because I am too independent and focused on my career. At the time I was a nanny – soo yeah….totally focused on my career? It just happened to be an evening job so I had no time for anything else.

Now that I have signed a new contract and a new lease both in a new city, I decided to open my dating profile again. I closed it back in November when I was seeing E for a while, and when we broke up it was Christmas so I didn’t want to start something over the holidays, and then I decided I would be getting a new job in a new city so what was the point of starting to date if I was just going to be leaving?? Exactly. There was no point.

So I opened it about two weeks ago and have learned that if someone’s profile says they don’t live in Ottawa, I won’t talk to them. So why am I expecting others to do the same for me? I’ve closed it and will open again when I move BUT here’s the point: more than one profile has said something along the lines of “if your profile says you’re independent it just means you’re selfish”

Since when did being an independent woman mean that I’m selfish?! Don’t men WANT women who can take care of themselves? And not be hopeless stereotypes of people? Excuse me for being able to pay my own bills and take care of myself like an adult. Woooowwwwww

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #60

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  2. I love being independent. My husband actually likes that I’m independent – I guess it’s because we’re both introverts. We need our alone time.

    You do you. I think that insecure people find and an independent woman off-putting because they just can’t handle someone who does not need other people.

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  3. It’s always important to be independent. It doesn’t mean you can’t also be a partnership, so I think guys who think that are threatened by women and not people you should be with anyway. 😉

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