Doubled Up and Ready to Rock!

Well, maybe not ready to ROCK, but ready to do things with people and without masks…

My darlings – I am FULLY VACCINATED! I was lucky to be able to snag a super early appointment and here I sit, two doses of Pfizer in my body and I could not be happier!

When I booked my first vaccine, my dates were May 6 and August 26th. This was the standard time frame that Ontario was giving due to our vaccine shortage. But as the USA became more and more vaccinated, they were able to supply Canada with more vaccines and I was able to secure an appointment for June 29th.

The only thing was that my second dose clinic was at a different clinic. My first clinic was super close to my house. I was out and back in less than an hour. And I even stopped for Dairy Queen as a treat on my way home. This second clinic was an hour and 5 minutes away on transit. I had to take a bus, then a subway, then a bus, and walk 6 minutes to get there. But I didn’t care! The appointment was two months earlier than I was expecting, it was after school was done for the year so if I had a bad reaction it’s not like any plans were ruined, AND it meant that I would be past the two week incubation period before moving! ALL GOOD THINGS! So what if I had to go far on the bus! I was getting vaccinated!!

The day before I checked the weather. We were in the middle of a heat wave here in Toronto and it said that the time I’d be out was going to be hot and humid, feeling at least 10 degrees hotter than the actual temperature, and with a 70% chance of rain. I checked the morning of my appointment, and now there was only a 30% chance of rain but still a super gross day. When I left my house, the temperature outside was 30 degrees but it felt like 42. YEAH. 42 DEGREES! I wore running shoes and brought my umbrella just in case of rain, especially since it was already thundering out when I left.

I got through the first bus to the subway and onto the second bus. While on that last bus, it was a 30 minute trip until I had to get off and about 10 minutes in it started to POUR. Like severe, sideways, traffic had to slow down, monsoon type rain! But I was safe on the bus so it was ok. Except that it didn’t stop. It kept coming down HARD. The closer I got to the clinic, the harder it seemed to rain! It was super amazing though, the buses here in Toronto announce the next stop – and on this particular bus is goes “next stop Weston Road. Depart here for vaccination clinic” Ummm why thank you kind bus for letting me know!!

Google maps said I’d have to walk down the street, cross at a set of lights and come back up to the clinic. But once I departed from the bus, there were lights right there and directly across, a set of stairs taking you down into the parking lot of the clinic. AMAZING. Except the street was flooded and I got SOAKED. Even with my umbrella.

There was no line and I was able to get in right away. Once inside the process was super quick but I felt the injection this time. I waited my 15 minutes, my arm kind of flashed hot once or twice but that was it and I was allowed to leave! YAY

But outside it was still pouring! And now I was on the back side of the building. I had to walk all the way around and went to the exact same bus stop that I got off on. Standing in rain I was getting SOAKED! Please enjoy this video I made for my friends at the time.

But as I was standing there, an out of service bus rolled up. She opened her doors and asked if I wanted a ride! um YES!!! The stop I was at didn’t have a bus shelter so I was just standing on the sidewalk with my umbrella. My shoes, capris, back of my shirt, bottom half of the front of my shirt, AND the front of my bag were all soaked. She took me around the corner and up a block to the next set of lights. At that light, she left me off and there was bus stop for the same route which had a bus shelter to stand under! As if this isn’t what being a Canadian is all about!! I love her and wish her all the best because she was just a wonderful lovely soul!

The second I stepped off her bus, it stopped raining HAHA! As if that isn’t just how it goes lol but two minutes later an express showed up and I was on my hour trek back home. I peeled off my wet things, had a shower and some dinner and my experience was all done.

While sleeping over night my arm did start to hurt a little but when I woke up I didn’t experience any of the flu like symptoms I had with the first dose. However, the next night my arm decided that it needed to be in pain. Thankfully, that was it in the way of side effects! YAY

But now that it’s done and over with, I am set on my next task for the summer: packing. Unless someone else wants to do that for me while I binge watch criminal minds? HAHA

18 thoughts on “Doubled Up and Ready to Rock!

  1. Yay for double vaccine, yay for minimal side effects and yay for nice bus ladies. Sorry, I’ve got my own organizing to do so I can’t help with the packing while you watch TV but know that I’m clapping for you!

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    • LOL well dang it Janet! 😂😂 I basically have cleaned out as much as I can right now and I can’t even really start to pack because I dont have a lot of stuff that isnt essential. Its just clothing and cooking supplies

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  2. Congratulations!! High fives for second shots!!

    Your voice is so cute in that video, and it’s amazing a bus driver picked you up like that. I love moments that remind you of how thoughtful and kind people can be.

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  3. WooHoo that you are fully vaccinated. Not so nice that it was rather damp, but if it was that hot the rain would have cooled it off and been quite refreshing I imagine. Silver lining, right?

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    • Haha it cooled down after the fact. So the rain was warm and damp, then as soon as it stopped it was humid again. Then it cleared up. We are in the middle of another heat wave and had a rager of a storm tonight!! Like hail and power flicking off. It was awesome!


        • It’s been a while for us too! I can’t remember the last time it was so severe. It was short lived and thankfully the power was only out for half a minute but still hehe. We used to have a covered porch when I was little and we would sit out there and watch the storms. So much fun!


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