Planning a Covid Summer Move

Guys, it’s been such a struggle!

Alright so for those who are new/have forgotten:

  1. In February I decided I needed a better paying job and I wanted OUT OF TORONTO!
  2. I got a new job!!! In Ottawa.
  3. I found new apartment!!! Also in Ottawa (duh)
  4. Now I have to move.

I signed a lease on the 20th for August 1st. I thought that being more than a month away would be plenty of time to book a rental van.

But what I didn’t anticipate was that I wouldn’t be able to leave said rental in a different city!! Or the costs associated with moving.

So the most common moving company here is Uhaul. Now I don’t have a lot of stuff. I will be leaving my mattress here so it will just be a bunch of boxes and my bed frame, desk, chair, and Ikea 12 cubby shelf. All these things will be taken apart and broken down flat, making them easier to move.

A regular sized cargo van was going to be totally fine for all my stuff. And I had used one before to move, it was about $70 for what I used it for. Since I was going to a different city and planning on leaving the van there, I planned about $500 for moving costs.

Apparently that was EXTREMELY out of range. For starters, I can’t book a regular sized cargo van. They will not allow you to leave them in a different city. So I’d have to do the next step up – from Uhaul, that’s a $1000 bill! It does include “up to 2 days and 500 kms” but going from Toronto to Ottawa, my brother’s house first then my new place, and it being a long weekend, I was looking at extra charges. Plus gas. Plus insurance.

So I decided to try Enterprise. This is a company I rent with all the time. I have an alumni discount from my university and get amazing rates. Or at least, I thought I did!! I had just assumed that all their rentals had unlimited mileage since that’s all I have ever encountered. I called and this amazing agent did her very best to help me!

I could do a rental van for 24 hours and it would be about $250 plus 20 cents for every km after the first 100 AND I’d have to bring it back to Toronto.

A large pick up or SUV was not covered under unlimited kms.

After about 30 minutes on the phone with this lovely woman, the best we could do was a full sized car (like a Toyota camry or something) with unlimited kms.

So here is what is going to happen:

On the 27th at 2pm, I will pick up this camry or similar car. I will pack as much as I can into it and drive to Ottawa. Drop off the stuff in the car, sleep there, leave by about 8:30 am and return to Toronto by 2pm on the 28th. THEN on the 30th, my dad is going to drive the 2.5 hours to my house in Toronto with his car and trailer, we will load up all the over sized things I have (bed frame poles etc) and go back to Ottawa and drop it all off at my brother’s house. Dad stays over and leaves the next day, I stay forever. On the 1st (a Sunday) I will get the keys to my new place. I will give it a deep clean and my brother will help me move all the stuff from his house to my new place. Maybe we can do this all on August 2nd because it’s a holiday. Just take a few big trips from his place to mine.

And then I will be all in Ottawa and ready to start my new life!

9 thoughts on “Planning a Covid Summer Move

    • For sure!! The July 1st holiday and the August long weekend are probably the most popular times to move. I am just so thankful that I don’t have too much stuff and my dad is able to help out! Otherwise I’d be in a pickle haha


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