Sunday Scribblings #59

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is sunglasses.

I love my sunglasses! I really do! They are red and make me feel all ooh la la!

Although, since I have horrible eyes, my sunglasses are prescription. And while on most days, this is no problem, there is always that awkward moment when I may have a rental car and I am wearing my sunglasses and I have to switch them out to my regular glasses.

This happened last weekend when I was driving to visit my brother. It was at dusk, and soon the sun would be too far out of sight and driving with my sunglasses on would be dangerous. So I had to do what I hate doing: changing them WHILE driving.

This is a massive balancing act. First, I get my regular glasses ready: I open the arms and get them in my one hand.

Next, I have to make sure that my car is ready. This might not be a consideration for most, but I have to make sure that I am in a good lane, on a straight driving lane for at least the next 5 seconds, and no traffic coming up.

Then the switch has to happen:

I have to, without dying, use one hand to take the sunglasses off and use the other hand to put the regular glasses on.

Of course, this does go the other way as well.

The hardest part is that I have a better fitting wig now than I have in the past – so sometimes the end of the arm gets stuck in the wig.

Thankfully when I did it last weekend, when rain clouds were rolling in, it was a smooth transition.

I have tried the magnetized sunglasses before, and have done contacts/sunglasses, but this is always the system that I end up having. I’m allergic to contacts and the magnetized sunglasses never sit flush against the main frames. This is the best option. It is always the best choice to switch them around when the car is not moving, but sometimes it is just impossible to do that.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #59

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  2. I’ve been in that position as well. One night I didn’t have my regular glasses with me and had to drive with the sunglasses on. It actually wasn’t that bad because they helped with the glare from the oncoming car lights. Still, not something I’d want to do on a regular.

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  3. Ah that sucks about being allergic to contacts. I’ve never done the prescription sunglasses thing for cost reasons, so just went with the contacts and glasses combo. But at least you have developed some skills from it!

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    • Haha yeah! Figuring out the allergy was NOT fun! But now the skills are there to make it ok ☺️ the last time I ordered sunglasses I was super lucky and got an online deal plus some discount codes and benefits so I only ended up paying like $60 for glasses and prescription sunglasses LOL

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      • Certainly doesn’t sound like it would be fun. Oh that’s amazing!!! My prescription is generally so expensive that I just live with my singular pair of glasses and my contacts and hope nothing happens to any og it haha.

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        • Oh my gosh SAME! My prescription is sooo bad so my lenses are SOOOO thick, which means I need ultra thin lenses, plus I have an astigmatism so that means special stuff too. A regular pair of glasses at an optometrist is like $400-500 for ONE PAIR! Now I just buy from clearly contacts. It’s easy to order and much less expensive. I love it.

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  4. I do this all the time when driving (I’m often our at change in sun times).

    So $400-500 is expensive for glasses? That’s pretty standard here. And my eyes are deteriorating – I need reading glasses now (after having distance glasses since I was 20). So I have 4 pairs of prescription glasses which is such a pain as I am constantly having to change them over. Sunglasses, reading, distance, computer. They tried graduated but my eyes fizzed with them. So having to do this for the moment and gradually work back to graduated lenses (and hope one day my eyes work it out).

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    • No thats a normal price for prescription glasses at an optometrist’s office. But I just think its so much money! Especially when my jobs haven’t been very financially supportive LOL I have health insurance but its not very good. The new school apparently has a great benefits package!

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