All Done

And I didn’t even cry!

Well, I didn’t cry in public and that’s what matters LOL

It is official, I am completely done all my responsibilities as a teacher at my current job. Online classes finished on the 22nd, the 23rd and 24th were days for students to drop off materials that they had (text books and things for my students, devices for the older ones). And today, the 25th, was set as a teacher clean up day.

I went in on the 23rd RIGHT as soon as I was allowed to go. I had cards for my students and needed to organize a little bit before they started to arrive. I had hoped that I would be seeing a lot of them, but I forgot to take into consideration that their parents also have jobs and would be working through out the day LOL I told the students I would be there all day, but I didn’t actually keep to that. I didn’t tell the students that I won’t be returning next year, and part of me wishes I had so it would have been a proper goodbye. Some knew, and some parents did too, but for the most part they didn’t. It was less emotional that way. I have a few emotional students so this was a good way to end the school year.

A fellow teacher who I have become very close with said she would drive me home since I don’t have a car and would be cleaning out my entire classroom. I anticipated carrying home a bag of books each of the three days just to get all my personal books out of the classroom. Having her offer meant that I was able to make one trip with all my things.

By the end of the 23rd, I had almost everything done. And if I hadn’t been talking so much, I probably could have gotten it all done that first day. But ya girl LOVES to talk! On the 24th, I only had a little left to do – basically taking all the tape off my decorations and then cleaning out my filing cabinet. I was done by 11 (again after LOTS of talking), said goodbye to the group of teachers who were there, and went out for lunch with that friend who drove me home. Today all I had to do was go in, throw out anything left by the students and leave. I got to see my VP and give her an actual hug (since no students and/or parents were around) and say goodbye to another teacher. We were the only 3 who where there!

I did get to see a small handful of students over the day and a half that I was in my classroom. We did air high-fives and a few got real hugs. They brought hand made cards for most of the teachers, and a few actually broke the rules to gave gifts. One parent and I have become super close and she knew I was leaving so she gave an Ikea gift card, and surprisingly another student did! My co-teacher and the one I had lunch with were lovely and gave me gifts as well. I left one of my stuffed hippos for my co-teacher and promised everyone that if I’m ever back in town I will visit.

One student surprised us all by coming in and getting her things. We did an air high five and she left. Then a few minutes later she reappeared with a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers for me (and for at least one other teacher). Such a lovely way to end the year!

I tried really hard not to cry in person, but when I got home and made an Instagram post for my last day, I did then, and writing this post as well LOL I know I will see them all again and I will keep in touch with them. But it is still sad to be leaving such a lovely wonderful place and I really do wish I could have stayed there forever.

9 thoughts on “All Done

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  2. Aw, so super sweet. Goodbyes are always hard, but a hard goodbye means your situation was wonderful (I bet you won’t have that when you leave the house 😉 )

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