More new things!

I had an actual weekend!

This weekend I was able to go visit my brother!!! He lives in Ottawa, I live in Toronto. The last time we saw each other was July 2020. Legit 11 months! And it SUCKED!

For those who don’t know, my brother is one of my best friends. We are only a year apart in age and growing up that meant we fought all the time but as adults we are super close!

I arrived late Friday evening, and got to see his new house! While the world was in a pandemic, he bought his first house and is in the process of renovating the inside. Its a cute little cottage on the Ottawa river. Here is my view from Saturday morning at 7:30 from his couch:

Like that dirt is the road in front of his house and there is the river! Across the water is Quebec.

Since its still stage one here we didn’t do much. Watched some tv and movies, got THE MOST AMAZING DONUTS I HAVE EVER TASTED from a bakery in a small town close by, and just got caught up and all the good things!

Even though it is still early in the summer to look, I set up one apartment viewing. It was a small basement apartment and after the tour and talking to the landlord, I filled out an application. She had 3-4 viewings on Saturday and said she would get back to me on Sunday.

Driving home I got a text from her! AND I GOT THE APARTMENT!

Its a 30 minute walk from work, 20 minutes if I go by bus. We drove over to my work after and then a quick 5 more minutes and we were at my brother’s office! The area is one I know a little from visiting so many times with my brother. He even pointed out that one of his female friends lives in the apartment buildings across the street. And he has already told her that I’m moving in there HAHA!

Its on the main road, close to shops and transit. The set up inside is amazing. Even though I share the basement with one other person, we are in two separate units.

I have my own bedroom/bathroom/kitchen AND small den! Only share the laundry room. There are 3 people who live upstairs in a shared situation. So 5 in total in the whole house. We all share the laundry. That’s it!

Its clean and well kept and the landlord is knowledgable and kind AND my brother even approves! How could I not love it?

So now I just have to decide what size of vehicle to rent to move all my stuff and then pick a day to go! I know a cargo van or probably a pick up will work. But gotta research around and get a good price and options for leaving it in Ottawa.

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