Another June Upate

Soooo some things have happened in the last week.

June started off on a little bit of a bleh uuugggghhhh note, as you can read here. And I know that it has only been a few more days, but there have been some more developments.

1) I have stopped reading! I know, I know, BUTTTT I just have too much going on right now that I can’t read and focus on the book. My mind is in 1000 different places all at once as you will see in the rest of this post.

I did manage to read one more book before this started, Vision in White by Nora Roberts. And it was SUPER cute. I really enjoyed it! Which brings my total from January 12th up to 28! Not too bad if I do say so myself!

I had two other books to read from the library, but I took them back yesterday. I needed the exercise, and I knew that I wouldn’t be reading them. I have put them back on my list of recommendations and hopefully I will get to them in the nearish future.

However, one book that was recommended was “accidentally engaged” – there are two different authors for a book with this title, so if you were the one who suggested it, can you tell me which author please? LOL

2) In my first June post, linked above, I was very upset that I wasn’t going to be seeing my students again. Well, wouldn’t ya know, that just two days later, we were told that our end of year schedule had changed and I WILL get to see them! This is what’s happening:

Instead of teaching up till the 25th (a half day), we are now only teaching until the 22nd. And then the 23/24 will be days where students must drop off any devices and books they have, plus pick up any personal items they have at the school from March 28th when we closed. Then the 25th will be a clean up day for the teachers to pack up their classrooms.

I am actually super happy! I can bring home things over those three days to make things easier and I will see my students when they come to get things.

I have all my students year end letters/gifts ready to go. I gave each a cute little poem about them being shining stars and on the back I hand wrote letters of how happy I was to be there teacher and mentioned one thing they improved on this year, or something that made me really proud. Then ended it with “You have SLAPPED your name on my heart, and I’ll never SCRATCH it off”. And in the envelope is a slap bracelet and a scratch off bookmark. The same ones I had at Christmas but was unable to hand out.

I had to rearrange my last two weeks to accommodate the switch BUT it works out better and that last week of only 2 teaching days is going to be super easy and chill. I still have book reports assigned, a major social studies project, a science unit test, 2 math units ending, a father’s day craft, half my students still have to do June reading level assessments, AND I assigned a science project but with the change in our last week I won’t be able to fit it in so then I cancelled it as well LOL And I have to do report cards. All before June 18th at 3:30 because…..

3) My brother got his first vaccine on the 3rd and I am going to spend the weekend at his new house on the 18th which gives him 2 weeks for his vaccine to take affect!!!! YAY I have not seen my brother since July 2020.

4) I have officially told my VP that I have accepted another job!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH I was waiting for an apartment to fall into place before posting it but since I posted it on Instagram Saturday night, and some of you lovely people are there, I thought what’s the point?!

I have been sitting on this news for WEEKS! And it’s been killing me. I will post the story later since this post is getting long already but I HAVE A JOB FOR NEXT YEAR PEOPLE!!!! I REPEAT I HAVE A JOB!!!!!

5) I wrote my 60-day notice to end my tenancy here to my landlord. I sent it June 1st, right after I sent my rent. In the email I asked her for a reference to aid in my new apartment search, and even attached a PDF which all she had to do was fill out on her computer and send it back. June 2nd, I text her to ask her to confirm if she got the email or not, and to tell her about the internet issues we were having in the post linked above. She replied she had not checked her email but would look into the internet. On the 5th, she still had not replied or given ANY indication that she had received it. So I forwarded it to her (to show that I had in fact sent it on time) AND sent a text this time saying SPECIFICALLLY “I have sent my end of tenancy email again. Please confirm you got it” and then within an hour I had text confirmation that she would check and the reference filled out and sent back.

I was shocked she would sign it because I honestly have complained SO MUCH this year! And am on the fence about filing a complaint with the Landlord Tenant Board when I officially leave. Which right now is August 1st at noon. And yes, I gave her the time LOL I’ve already started to semi-look for apartments to move into, which is a much nicer experience this time around because my new job (AHHHH NEW JOB) gives me a salary I can actually live alone on! YAY And two months in which to look, and also there is a backup plan in place if I don’t happen to find something right away. Although that is not a permanent plan, but at least it’s a backup. Which I hope I don’t have to use. Details coming up in a later post.

6) I would like to apologize to Bill, because he linked my post on the 2nd which said I wouldn’t be getting to see my students, but then things changed and now I do during those two pick up days! Sorry Bill! Should have written this update earlier LOL

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