Sunday Scribblings #56

Aaron’s word of inspiration for this week is yo-yo.

When Aaron posted this topic, I was SO excited! Because I thought to myself, “YES! I have a post about yo-yos from A to Z last year! SCORE!” I don’t need to write anything new because I have nothing to write about yo-yos.

Then I checked and there was no post.

Ok, I thought, I will think of something.

Then I didn’t want to post, because honestly, yo-yos? Bleh.

Then I was like, NO! Aaron does this to bring communities together and I shall support our blogging community! I SHALL POST!

But ugh…yo-yos? No posting!!!!

WAIT!!! Maybe 2019 had the yo-yo post! I will definitely post!

2019 did not have the yo-yo post. There is NO yo-yo post! There will be no post.

And now I am posting.

That is all.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #56

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  2. There is a mini series on Netflix about odd competitions around the world including a frog jumping competition, the cheese wheel race, and… yoyo masters. It’s an odd series, but pretty interesting.

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