Another June

And I can’t see my students…

Today I woke up, got ready, and went for my morning walk. I got home and my internet was down.

I tried to reset my extender and it didn’t work. The router is locked in someone’s bedroom. Idiot #1 and her boyfriend. She had already went to work and her boyfriend was sleeping.

I called my VP in a panic! But she was so awesome. She was going to the school and I could come too!

After I hustled and got packed and on my way (thank God I had first period prep), I started to realize how awesome this was! I was going to be in my own classroom! And see another human who I love!

I got to work and spent the day in my lovely classroom. Honestly it was super awkward lol the tech cart is at a weird height and I was bending down all day or just sitting off screen so the kids could see the white board HAHA I did a little cleaning and brought home a HUGE bag of books.

This is about 1/4 of my own personal books in the classroom. And I needed a book for tomorrow’s lessons anyway so this was a blessing. I totally forgot stickers that I totally wanted for year end letters for my students but it’s totally fine haha! My mental health needed it. My feet are not happy haha blisters are here and they are angry!

But then the bad news: schools are not reopening until the fall. We were given a semi-announcement yesterday and it really sucked to hear. This is my last year at this school. I miss my kids and my co-workers. We are a family and I miss them sooooo much!

Yesterday was such a draining day and to have this on top of it, I needed some happiness so I booked a car rental in two weeks and I will spend just under 48 hours with my brother in his new house.

But I will not get to see my students in person again. I will not be able to say goodbye properly. And I will not get to see them again next year. My teacher friends are crushed.

I also totally understand it. I really do! The covid variants spread easier, none of the kids will be vaccinated, and it’s all indoors. It could result in an increase of cases in the population. When we closed in March, we had an out break in our nursery. So I get it! I really really get it! But that doesn’t make it any easier to have to deal with.

3 thoughts on “Another June

  1. (((hugs))) and more (((hugs))). This virus is the worst. Your situation is unfair, but hopefully when you start at your new school (still waiting to hear because I am sure there must be something happening on this you aren’t talking about) it will be different (((hugs))).

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    • Awww thanks AJ! By September, all teachers (who want) will be fully vaccinated. My 2nd dose is August 26 BUT on July 19 I can call and move that up. My friend’s grandparents were able to call this Monday and got it moved to this Wednesday! 5 whole weeks ahead. So I’m hoping for the same! It’s just this in between that sucks! LOL

      There is stuff happening!!! I am just waiting for it to be completely final and that’ll be most likely in a few weeks. I don’t want to post anything until I’m sure.

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