Nail Art: Neon Part 2

Love using colours for the first time!

It’s only been a week since my last post, but I needed a change in my nails. The top coat over the glitter was flaking away, probably because I kept picking at it because it wasn’t smooth.

Now, I love glitter on my nails. It is SO pretty! This is the first time I have used it in this way. And trying to take it off was interesting! When my electronic file got through the thick top coat layers I had on there, the glitter started FLYING. All over the place. On the floor, on my clothes, my shoulders, in my eye, hitting my glasses. It was a hustle of a job to get it all off.

Once I did, I got started on my next set. Yesterday was just a design change, not a fill, so it was a quick change. I am hoping that this design will last two weeks and then I will do another fill and a full glitter set. As in TEN FULL NAILS OF GLITTER!

Here is the inspiration for my design yesterday:

I laid down two layers of white, and then two layers of neon yellow. I have never used this yellow before and I have got to say I am in LOVE with it!

Not the white though. It’s my newest bottle, just arriving a few weeks ago, and when I tried to wipe the tacky layer off my one thumb, about 1/4 of the polish flaked off! I tried to fix it but after a second layer of white, it still looked like garbage so I had to file off the colour completely. Luckily though, I have new nail files that I was waiting to test out and it worked great to get the layers of white off my thumb. I reapplied and then it was perfect. I started putting on the yellow. Then on the other thumb, after one coat of yellow, there was a crack and a large ridge that formed! I have no idea what is up with the white. All the other fingers are totally fine. I had to leave the other thumb. I wasn’t going to file off 3 layers of polish and then have to redo all of that and keep putting my thumb under the lamp.

In the end, I really love this design! There are a few wonky fingers and I can see lots of mistakes but really it’s just my view and not others haha. My main regret was not using tape to make the line straight between the yellow and natural nail. I wanted to use my spider gel on it, throwing a black line between the yellow and natural half, but I would have had to opened all the containers of spider gels since none of them have colour names on them. I have contacted the company on amazon for the information but I will have to wait for it to come in. Maybe during my glitter set I will use it. We will see.

Here is the video from today!

And here is the final product on my own hand:

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