Sunday Scribblings #53

Aaron’s word of inspiration today is purple.

Do you have a colour you just can’t stand?

For me, it’s purple.

I have no idea when this started but I just hate the colour purple!! Ugh so so much.

Maybe it was from when I was younger. My mom used to love the colour purple and tried to get me to wear it all the time. This was before our relationship deteriorated to where it is now. She is always so firm that purple would look sooo good on my skin tone and with my hair and I’m all “naw!” I would go for orange! Oooo many orange looks so good on me HAHA

My best friend’s favourite colour is purple. She loves it. I don’t get it lol

But the funny thing is, I have SO MUCH PURPLE NAIL POLISH!!! SOOO MUCH!

I have no idea why! I rarely wear it. Like what is the point?! And having it’s all gel polish too! When I ordered my gel polish, I always ordered a pack of 12. Because one bottle is $12, BUT a pack of 12 is like $70! Which is substantially less lol. I did the math. Like right now…I took my phone’s calculator and did the math….how am I trusted to teach children?

So, when filling up these flats of 12 polishes, just like a lot of them ended up being different shades of purples. And I like the wine coloured ones or the deep deep purples for winter and stuff. But why on earth do I have so many?! I have actually been thinking of switching my gel system to something else and getting rid of all my polishes and my light and investing in a different brand so maybe I will be getting rid of all these purples. Almost 1/4 of my colours are different shades of purple and I haven’t even used most of them once. It’s such a waste to have them in my collection haha!!

Do you like purple? Do you have any other colour that you just don’t like for no reason?! Let me know!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #53

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  2. I’m not a fan of purple myself. Every now and then I have to pretend because it was one of my high school’s colors. But, in general, I’m more of a primary colors kind of guy. Maybe it’s a Superman thing.

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  3. For me it’s pink. I don’t do pink! However, I do have some pink things, for 2 reasons… one is I am colour blind and sometimes I buy something not realising it has pink on it and the second is because I get gifted pink things (like my dressing gown which is fairy floss pink).

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  4. Wow, we wrote complete opposite views on this color. Lol
    My worst and most hated color is also Pink. I refuse to own anything with it or wear it and people that know me know better than to gift me things with the color. I may just do a blog post on why I hate it, so much.

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  5. Oh nooo.. I love purple.. especially the lighter lavendery ones!
    For a long time I hated pink.. because everyone would naturally assume I like pink cause I am a girl :/
    Now I’ve kinda made peace with it.. It’s soothing to look at.. especially baby pinks.. like your blog colour 😍

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