Monthly Update

Has it really been another month already?

Okies so where to even start!

It’s been another month of lockdown, I haven’t been to work since March 29th. But I am still teaching. It’s so weird that I have never had a normal year of teaching. But one year it will happen! Hopefully next year?! Fingers crossed guys!

I FINALLY got my first dose of vaccine!!! It was on May 6th, and it was Pfizer. Which I am happy about. So so happy! I was going to be ok with Pfizer or Moderna but not the other ones that are available. I know that they are saying all are safe and effective, but at least for the AZ, my age takes me out of the bracket that can get it.

My vaccine experience was a good one – my appointment was at 12:50 in the afternoon on a Thursday and I had my prep that day until 1:45. I was told that some clinics were taking an hour to get through the whole process so I brought a book and told my VP that I wouldn’t be doing live lessons, and told the students every day that week that there would be videos instead of a live lesson.

I took the bus there, and was about 25 minutes early. It took about 5 minutes to get from the bus to the clinic – which were all in the same mall. I didn’t know how to get out of the bus terminal so I asked the driver how to get up into the mall for the vaccine clinic and he legit walked me to the escalator himself. He was so sweet! I got up to the clinic, now 20 minutes early, and was allowed to go right in at 12:30. I got my shot, and waited my 15 minutes and left at 12:50!! WOW! Grabbed a bus home, got a Dairy Queen Blizzard as a treat and was in my room, unpacked and settled, eating my treat at 1:42 LOL but I still didn’t go online to teach.

By 10 pm I was still all good. But as soon as I turned off my light for sleep, a fire started in my arm. And it kind went numb a little over night. My friend said she couldn’t sleep on her arm it hurt so much. Thankfully not for me. Friday I woke up totally fine at 6:45. By 7:30 I had hot flashes, I was dizzy, my stomach was NOT happy that I ate any food, my legs were weak and wobbly, I was freezing, and I barely had enough energy to open my laptop to get ready for my lessons that day. Thank goodness we are in lock down and my teaching is from a chair in my bedroom. I even had to lay down at lunch time. My lunch was apparently too heavy for my stomach and I felt HORRID. Last recess I refilled my peppermint tea again and had a piece of dry toast. By 4pm I was back to feeling perfectly fine.

On the subject of work: I had an amazing interview with a school!! They have a strange morality code but it’s a Christian school and I think it’s normal. The school is in Ottawa and offers some amazing benefits AND a pension. The principal emailed last week to thank me again for my time and to ask my continued patience as they still need to settle a few things before knowing if they have a full time position available. They have called two of my references which is an excellent sign. Even though I really like this school, Ottawa is not my first choice of location. I also had a second interview yesterday for a job I first interviewed for in March. Which I don’t feel super confident about right now but I would probably choose it over the Christian school.

But either way, a great job in a city where my brother lives is a great job! I continue to apply to other places and ask for continued prayers and/or positive vibes that I will get something settled soon.

I continue to hate living where I am living. I have stopped talking to the party group altogether because they continue to have people over. And have started to refer to them as “the idiots”. Like how many times do they have to be talked to and told this is a pandemic? All of the people who live in my living space are from India. They can see their entire country failing because they don’t have any protocols to keep people safe. Yet they are here and decide that they also don’t need to follow the rules. One Saturday they must have noticed a friend outside because boyfriend2 makes this HUGE outburst, runs outside and this person comes inside. They chat for about an hour or so and then leave. Now tell me, WHY couldn’t that conversation have happened outside? On a nice, bright, sunny Saturday? Was there a reason to invite another person into our living space? No. But also, keep them in your room if they are here. Don’t let them into the shared areas. UGH

I also decided to wean myself off my allergy meds. I was taking them every single night so over a year and I had enough! So smart me, with 4 blooming trees outside my window, I am now off of them! Its not as bad as I expected haha!!

I am also continuing reading! Since this post is already getting pretty long, I’ll keep my reviews short. My list of books this year is up to 25. Which also includes the few books that I have not finished.

21 – Red, white, and royal blue. 5 stars! LOVED IT!

22 – The bookish life of Nina Hill. 3.5 stars. Started off slow. Almost didn’t finish it. Not angry that I did.

23 – Armenia: Portraits of Survival and Hope. 5 stars. A research essay of sorts talking to Armenians after the 1988 earthquake and the murders and rampage and loss of quality of life after independence.

24 – Elanor Oliphant is completely fine. DNF. I hated it. The author was horrible. How a story about a suicide attempt, and fake phone calls to a dead mother, violent ex-boyfriends could be considered “funny” by Reese Witherspoon is beyond me. I read about 60 pages and a friend googled the rest of the plot for me.

25 – Ask again, yes. 4 stars. It started off great, got into a twisted sad story, and ended up ok.

See you all next month! xoxo

10 thoughts on “Monthly Update

  1. I just read Eleanor Oliphant too and while I liked it more than you did, I really didn’t get how so many people found it funny. I was expecting it to be Sophie-Kinsella funny but it was just kind of awkward.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooo I have a few Sophie Kinsella books on my list from other bloggers and I think one in my current pile from the library! Haha I love funny books!

      And I don’t get how it’s supposed to be funny either. Even just the way the author handles a mentally unstable character is wrong in my opinion. So disappointed


  2. Congrats on the vaccine, sorry for the lockdown. Our county in California is in the yellow tier (least restrictions) because we have been following the rules and getting vaccinated. I’m hoping for outdoor concerts to come back soon. Wow, 25 books! I’m only at 13, behind schedule.

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    • Haha I haven’t actually finished some of those books LOL but I am impressed with how many I have completed!

      Honestly if we had the vaccines we’d be in a much better place. My brother just booked his appointments for the first week of June and the end of September. But we don’t have any labs producing them in Canada. Its so stupid lol


        • LOL the USA is already sending millions of doses of Pfizer every week 💛💛💛 now that your demand has gone down. Which is amazing! We are very thankful! But it still doesn’t change the fact that there are no production labs in Canada. Like what?! 🤦‍♀️

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    • These people are just idiots Rob!! In December they had people over on a Friday night, with at least 2 staying over I talked to them Saturday morning. Oh its idiot 1’s bday. Yeah thats ok but this is a pandemic! That night a raging house party in their room!! I reported them and told the landlord! They just don’t care. Even back then they didn’t care. Selfish idiots.

      My next place with be with my brother (not normal LOL ) for a month and then I’ll be getting my own place. Alone. No one else allowed. If I have a job in Ottawa that is. If a job somewhere else, I will stay here and move straight to a new apartment in that new city. If no job, I will move in with the brother until I get a job lol


  3. Sounds like you will have something lined up to go to YAY! And I found out I qualify for the current round of vaccines so am getting my pfizer #1 shot on Monday. Very happy about that.

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    • Fingers crossed I will have something! I would LOVE it to be before the end of the month so I can tell my landlord and have an end date lined up for this place. But I am trusting in God’s plan and trying not to stress haha

      And YAY!!! Vaccine party! My brother just got his appointment dates today, and my best friend yesterday!!

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