Nail Art: Glitters

Glitter is the herpes of the craft world… you never really get rid of it!

And it’s true!!

So this week I was all excited because I had been growing out my nails for about 4 weeks to get them long enough for this design to look good:

I had never tried a stiletto nail before (the pointy one) but loved the look of one different shaped nail.

I set out Sunday to create them. I filed off the old product and tried to file one finger into a nice looking point. It looked stupid. So I filed all the nails down to my regular length and was just gonna do all of them the same design just shorter.

So I go to do the full glitter nail. All 10 nails were painted white as a base. Then a layer of top coat for the glitter nail and, while still wet, I stuck it into a small vile of glitter I had from the dollar store.

Pulled it out, and noticing how much a mess just that one nail did I was like “oh yeah totally not doing all 10 nails with glitter. I had that one nail in the light box for about 30 seconds before I decided to do more glitter.

Now I have 2 glitter nails on one side, one glitter nail on the other! It took a while to clean up the glitter and there are two VERY thick layers of top coat over the glitter, but I like them!

At first I was only going to keep them for a week since they didn’t turn out, but I might keep them for my normal 2! Or even try to push for 3?!

No video this week haha sorry!

11 thoughts on “Nail Art: Glitters

  1. Glitter is like the styrofoam beans in bean bags. You never get rid of it. Your nails are pretty though I just use glitter polish because, well, mess, lol.

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    • HAHA yes I usually just use the polish as well BUT I wouldn’t be able to get this sort of coverage with the polish. What I should have done, is had a glitter filled polygel and used a white polygel. Not polish at all! But I only have the white from the kit I got last year. And when I go to change my design, I’d have to take all of it off instead of just filling in the back as my nails grow out haha. Sticking my finger right into the container was a good choice instead of dumping it out. I need a better work space lol


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