#atozchallenge Y

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter Y

Post-pandemic T is looking forward to yoga.

I know I can do this now, and this post has more to do with where I live than anything else, but it’s hard to do yoga where I live right now. The people who live under my room are offended by the smallest noise, but seem to think that it’s ok that they are loud and annoying! I have done yoga in my room before but it’s always under the stress of not making noise on hardwood floors which seems almost impossible!

But after the pandemic, I will be in a new living space and can do yoga whenever I want!

3 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Y

  1. I get this, I do yoga and other workouts in my living room when I can but I always feel kind of beholden to the whims of the other 5 people in my house haha, and it’s just not the same!


  2. Before you leave, you should jump up and down and tell them you were doing exercises with your littlies 😉 Okay, I teeny bit petty but it will make you feel better!

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    • LOL actually, once I got their cell phone number from my landlord to text them when it was too loud, they have been really respectful! I am more on the petty side with the people who share my living space. Part of me just WANTS them to have people over now so I can report them. The last few times its been a week night and I feel like those would be better nights to actually get someone over here to write tickets


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