Nail art: Neon

Y’all… be prepared!

Okies so theres this thing I like to call fake nail sass. And any person who has had fake nails put on knows that this is true!

I’ve been doing my own poly gel nails for almost a year now. And at the start the sass was STRONG because I had my nails too long to function almost.

Well, my dear friends, yesterday the sass returned!

I have a design I hope to do in a week or two but it needs longer nails to look nice. Or at least I think it will look better if my nails are longer.

So this week when I did my fill, I didn’t file down my nails. The length they are now will be good for next week, so if I grow them out for a week or two I can shorten them to this length and be ok with it.

Yesterday I did a nice design inspired by this picture:

Now I have a nice neon green I could have used for it but then I also have a neon pink as well! I asked my friends and both said pink, so pink it is!

I can barely get a good picture to capture the intensity of this colour, but I tried! Here ya go:

And as I write this (last night) I am already feeling the sass levels rise within me! LOL woot woot!!! I can only imagine what will happen when I do my next design….

2 thoughts on “Nail art: Neon

    • LOL I am very much a pink girl. Actually more yellow lately! And the next few designs will be yellow based. And I just got an order of new nail files which should last, goodness probably 4 years LOL so I can change them as often as I want now. I do LOVE these ones a lot and want to keep them, but I am also veeeerrrrryyyyy much excited about the next ones. Gotta grow them just a tiny bit more I think

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