Sunday Scribblings #50

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is penguin.

As soon as Aaron posted this topic, I knew what I wanted to write about. And I’m sorry Aaron if this is against the rules, but I’m going to share a cute internet thing instead of writing my own post about penguins. BUT I will share a personal story at the end. This story reminded me of it, and this week I am trying to deal with these memories all because of this post, because apparently I still need to work through some things….

Anyway, here is my contribution to the word penguin. It’s a story I have seen many times online before and I read it through EVERY TIME because I just love it.

So I hope you have enjoyed that crazy story about Patrick the Penguin.

And like I said above, it reminded me of a memory from this guy I loved. Honestly, as sad as it might seem, he’s been the only one I have ever TRULY loved. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard when his name resurfaces after all this time, because I remember what I thought we had. Even though apparently it was only on my side.

But this memory is actually a cute one. After reading this for the first time, I decided to try it out on this guy. I was still a nanny at the time and was waiting in the van outside school to pick up the kids. I sent him a text asking him to tell me a story. Which he gladly did! I asked for a PG one since I knew the kids would be arriving soon.

And he gave a great story! I can’t remember what it was about now but I think it was a cute little love story. Which was rare for him. He’s an amazing writer but usually writes erotic fiction, like VERY erotic fiction. Anyway, he wove this amazingly cute little story. And I read it to my kids and they loved it. I actually recorded the reading cos he wanted to know their reactions. It honestly was adorable. And he liked the reading of it, apparently I did a great job.

So that’s my little memory. And I love it and I’m glad I still have it and was reminded of it this week. Mostly because I have spent the last 5 days being angry at him and at myself and being overwhelmed by the greatness of the feelings that are still stuck inside and wishing I could just cut them out and set them on fire so I’d never have to feel them again, but I guess that’s not really how things work is it? I have to come to the realization that he’ll always hold some sort of place in my emotions no matter how much I process what I thought we had vs what he thought we had.

But anyway….penguins…here watch some Pingu…

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #50

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  2. That really was a rollercoaster! So much going on.

    As for the guy, I’m glad that you can still think about him and smile sometimes, even if it’s bittersweet. I get you, in that some people will always be in your heart or your mind n some way, no matter how things ended/. You’re going to find your next big love one day, I just know it.

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  3. Aw, my Barbarians loved Pingu when they were small. And your feelings will fade as time rolls on, and one day you’ll realise it doesn’t hurt anymore. (((hugs)))

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  4. This post was indeed a rollercoaster! What a story, could totally be a short animated movie!
    About the guy, I know one day you won’t feel muddled with all the heavy feelings while looking back at bittersweet times.

    I love Pingu!!!

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