#atozchallege U

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter U

Post-pandemic T is looking forward to unique days.

During pandemic life, especially in a large city like Toronto, life is basically the same every day. Well every week I guess. Mon-Fri is work, Saturday is my “getting everything done” day, and Sunday is a day to relax and chill out. But the activities don’t really change. And especially in my current living situation, I have to stick to a certain schedule or things like not being able to cook dinner because the party group starts prepping for dinner at 6pm and is still cooking at 11pm when I go to bed! So I have to stick to a certain schedule. But after the pandemic, I will be in a different living space and a different job, and hopefully a different routine and non-routine!

10 thoughts on “#atozchallege U

  1. Haha, u, x, y and z are where I have to use letters in the word to make it through (but mine is a very limited word pool to choose from).

    We’re funny, T, because at the moment I would love to have routine! A few days where I can do the same things at the same time sounds blissful. I guess really the word I need is “balance”.

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    • 😂😂 I was going to ask about your post for U but figured that was what you were doing. You are limited by your topic. After making a super sassy comment on another blog today (cos what else do I have other than sass and cuteness?) I think I have decided to do Disney characters next year. Maybe if I start in May I will get it all done with motivation LOL

      I do thrive on routine. Its why I love being a teacher – I know exactly what I will be doing at all times. And when someone tries to insert a special activity or whatever I get upset since I almost always have a month in advance done. I have a skeleton plan until the end of the year. Since February lol

      But I also want like the flexibility to be able to cook on Monday night if I need to. Or not have to make sure my laundry is in the wash at 8am on Saturday because everyone is sleeping. Lol so this “balance” concept you speak of is good! I should research this word…😂

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