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#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter T

Post-pandemic T is looking forward to touching up her tattoo!

I made a promise to my dad that after my 3rd tattoo I wouldn’t get any more. And then after my 5th tattoo I told myself I wouldn’t get any more. And after my 6th tattoo I finally feel like I have all the ones that I really connect with and will be done forever.


The tattoo on my shoulder, I hate. When I was 21 it was exactly what I wanted, and I still love the idea of the tattoo but I hate the actual tattoo.

Just a little background: when I was 18 and started getting my tattoos I wanted to do my life’s mantra: respect, faith, compassion. So those were my first 3. I was also very heavily influences by Asian cultures at the time, and Buddhism (which is where the idea of my mantra comes from) so the tattoo is in Thai. It actually says “mercy” but the type of mercy that is compassionate. If that makes sense haha.

Anyway, the guy who did it, did a horrible job! Even the touch up he did a month later. So I want my girl to make it pretty. Which won’t happen until after the pandemic.

6 thoughts on “#atozchallenge T

    • Its totally a personal choice and definitely not for everyone. I’m thinking I’ll have her cover it with a water colour flower or something but still have compassion in there some how? Idk. It will probably boil down to me just telling her to do whatever

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