#atozchallenge Q

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter Q

Post-pandemic T is looking forward to quitting online teaching!

I totally get that it is needed at this point in time, and I do quite enjoy the side hustle of online teaching or tutoring, BUT to do it full time is exhausting. Having to stare at the screen all day with 17-19 moving heads messes with your eyes. Even with blue-light glasses which I now have, it’s a lot of eye strain. And having to keep that many 7-year olds focused while they are all at home is another task. When they can’t engage physically with the lesson? Or see things clearly? Or when they have internet issues. Ugh.

I am SOOOOO very thankful for online teaching this year and last, and am glad that it is there for the future should we ever need it, but man I will be so happy when it is over.

12 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Q

  1. I totally get that and sympathize with the difficulties this form of interaction is creating. But kudos to you and everyone else for doing their best in a situation that is without question difficult beyond measure. I hope you’ll soon get your wish to quit online teaching.

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    • Its tough and I am all worn out from it. I honestly am starting to hate it. And even more so because it has me staying home. If I could teach at school in my empty class it would be better LOL


    • Haha honestly if my living situation wasn’t what it is, and I had a proper work space and more reliable internet, I’d be totally fine. But I don’t have a proper chair or desk or space to put one should I get it. I have a desk but it holds my tv LOL


  2. I can’t blame you!! It’s hard enough to keep 7 year olds focused in person, it’s a whole other ball game when they’re behind screens with so many distractions at home and likely feeling hemmed in. And there’s so much you cant do with them not in person!

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  3. Online teaching littlies would not be easy or particularly fun. For you and the kids (and probably the parents). Hopefully it won’t be too long and you won’t have to be online anymore (like when you move towns…).

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    • Haha fingers crossed!! Definitely smaller regions are in class rooms more. But I am so very thankful for the safety of this option as well. But my back is not loving doing it anymore haha. Im going to have to find an alternative to my seating arrangement


    • I do hybrid now, with 3 morning students online and 4 afternoon students. So when we are allowed to be in class I still have that online component. Which is ok! At least I’m in a classroom. And it does offer itself to better access to virtual books or youtube clips or even just projecting things on the board because I’m already online. But also your friend is right – its a LOT more instruction. I can’t imagine having to teach dance online lol


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