Ever have one of those days where life just seems to explode all over the place and you’re left wondering just what exactly happened?!

First of all, yesterday I did my nails. I was a little bit over the top completely exhausted this weekend so I didn’t really have the energy to do a detailed design. I almost just put plain polish on them and that was it. Even considered just top coat over the freshly filled and filed nails. But it’s my birthday on Thursday so I wanted them to look cute for me.

Sassy Pig is my new favourite stamp

Now onto today!

It’s spring break for us here in Ontario! Which means no school!! And I am taking the whole week off. I did a little last minute marking on Saturday and I will go back and do my regular planning and stuff next Saturday but I am not working this week. I need a break.

This morning I was up with my alarm because as of 8am teachers who work in designated hot spot areas were allowed to book vaccine appointments. I live and work in a hot spot! The same hot spot but still lol. I called RIGHT at 8 and got a busy signal a few times but after about 30 seconds I was on hold and waiting.

Of course all the teachers at my school were doing this and all the other teachers in hot spot zones as well, probably. Because we can’t use the online booking tool. So it had to be the phone. I’m in a group chat with 2 coworkers and one is booked in 10 minutes, the other 20 and I’m still on the line on hold.

At 9:10 I GET DISCONNECTED!! I was on the phone for over an hour! At this point I’m literally in tears. I call right back and get through the 5 minute automated voice messages and back on hold. But this time it’s different. Every 5 minutes or so, I have a “thank you for continuing to hold” message which I didn’t get during my hour long phone call! So it makes me question, was I really in the queue before?!

In under 15 minutes I was speaking to a real person! She took my info and she asked which centre I wanted to book my appointment at and I said the one closest to my house since I have to take transit or uber. But also, I want an early appointment so maybe let’s look for that as well. She really indulged me and gave me a few options. I settled on the first one she said since it’s closest to my house.

So I have BOTH my appointments booked! May 6th and the second in August.

The one on May 6th is a Thursday and is during lunch recess at work. I have out door supervision duty that day and a prep after so I don’t teach until 1:45. SO I made a plan to switch my supervision with the teacher who has lunch supervision on Friday and I can go and be back before I have to teach in the afternoon!


Then I went to the dentist and found out that while I have totally banished tartar build up from my mouth (a life long struggle up to this point! GO ME!) that my daily lemon tea is staining the HECK out of the back of my teeth! Did you know that tea is worse for staining your teeth than coffee?! I didn’t! But now we all know so watch out for that!

I get home from the dentist with a nice juicy burger and sweet potato fries that come with a spicy dipping sauce, and I settling into my chair. Our Premier and Education Minister (the Doofus Twins as I call them) were set to make an announcement at 2pm telling us if students were going back to in-person learning after the break.

I go to the website and it says they are discussing with cabinet and now it’s 2:30pm for the press conference.

So I go to OSAP. Which is the Ontario Student Loan program. I had a small loan during teacher’s college and pay the small monthly balance every month plus a little bit more. But in January, I decided enough was enough and I needed to be better with my finances. Over the summer I focused on a different student debt account (I have 3) and paid off an extra $1700 there so I made a nice little dent in it. And in January I decided that I was over having OSAP. I was careful with my spending since January 1st and the day before I get paid (the 15th) I just move all my remaining money into my OSAP. I’ve been averaging about $300 a month. Then I also make my monthly payment on top of that the next day when I get paid.


While waiting for the press conference to begin at the newly announced 3pm, I made my very last payment and once that payment is processed, my account will be at ZERO and I can take it out of my regular payments! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!! NO MORE OSAP FOR ME!

That monthly payment amount will go into the next school debt. I have two accounts left so I’ll focus on the smallest one first and get it out of the way.

Now, it’s finally 3pm. The press conference is on!

I was expecting just the schools in hot spots will remain closed and only for 2 weeks.

But no.

It’s all schools. With no end date given!

They have never done that!!! We have always had a “it’s for two weeks and we’ll see” Not this time! It’s until case numbers improve!!

So I might not have to rearrange my supervision schedule to get my vaccine if we are still learning from home! HAHA!

Now for all of you non-Ontario readers, we have been sucking with our case numbers. People are exhausted and tired and fed up with the restrictions and the rules and the open/closed/open/closed life that we have been having. So they are ignoring the rules and gathering. And those who need vaccines (the younger working class) are in places that are having outbreaks which they then spread to their families and the problem gets bigger and bigger.

But….here we go again. Numbers are over 4000 a day for our province and we are now back to remote learning for an undetermined amount of time. I am glad I have this week to decompress and eat lots of ice cream cake because I am going to need the energy next week when we are back online lol.

I’m still trying to process the ups and downs of today. It’s been a great day yet also super sucky.

How was your day?

18 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Love your nails. Such a pretty colour and design. And yay on getting your shots booked (but will you still be living there for the second one?). I was supposed to get my first shot in the second half of the year, but because AstraZeneca has been linked to blood clots, it is now not recommended for under 50s in Australia, so the vax schedule is out the window and I may not even get my first shot this year. Will have to see how it goes. We’re lucky we don’t have many cases here, but we still have to distance and have restrictions etc and I want my vaccination. Congratulations on paying off your OSAP!!

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    • My mom has heard about the blood clots for AZ and is now refusing any vaccine. She has decided she needs one that is only one dose, no blood clots, no weird side effects. But she is seeing her doctor soon and will talk to him about it but ugh. Hopefully she smartens up soon.

      AZ isnt recommended here much either! Its available but I am getting either Pfizer or Moderna. Our vaccine schedule has always been pathetic lol

      I love the colour too!! I was going to do a coral but glad I chose the orange!

      And I’m super excited about paying it off too!! 😃😃

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  2. Love your nails!!! So beautiful. I’m so happy for you that you got your vaccine appointments! That’s really exciting and hopefully the quicker they move the quicker things can improve ^_^ And congrats on paying our your OSAP! What a day for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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