Sunday Scribblings #48

Aaron’s word of inspiration for today is barbershop.

Have you ever seen the movie Barbershop?

It came out in 2002, which means I was 15, and it was definitely my style of movie. And it has a lot of the actors that I really liked from way back then.

It’s not like a super amazing Oscar worthy movie or anything, but for teenage T, it was highly entertaining . And it still is! I have a Roku TV and last week I went to try to find it to watch it, but it wasn’t in their database (which covers all the streaming services that you can download onto your Roku almost, not Amazon Prime, but I’ll forgive that).

This movie also gave way for Beauty Shop, a Queen Latifah mostly all women cast, in response to the almost all male-cast of Barbershop.

There was also a sequel to Barbershop, “The Next Cut” which came out a few years later, but like most mid-2000 niche movie sequels, it wasn’t anything spectacular.

Have you seen any of these movies? Any opinions on them?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #48

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