#atozchallenge I

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter I

Post-pandemic T is looking forward to invitations to non-virtual things!

Birthday parties, weddings, random movies at friend’s houses. Before the introvert in me would hate getting invitations to things. It’s a lot of social pressure to be bubbly and my normal personality around lots of people. And when do I get there and can I leave early and how do I get there and back? It’s a lot sometimes for my emotions. I am excited for these invitations to start up again!

14 thoughts on “#atozchallenge I

  1. You just want the opportunity to BE invited whether you turn it down or not haha!

    I feel like I often get hesitant/anxious when invited to things, but then am completely fine and very friendly/bubbly when actually there? (I mean it feels that way, an outside person would know better anyway haha). But at this point I truly crave invitations to anything and everything.

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  2. I am home by myself the majority of the time, and I usually “work” with friends who live on the other side of the country while they work by themselves at home… we open skype, spend a couple of minutes saying hi and what our goals are for work that day, then just work – but we have the little box on the screen in the corner that lets us see our friends as they work. And we were doing this before covid. So I am used to being virtual and I like it. Nothing has really changed for me in that regard.

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    • Oh thats lovely! I am a texter. I love it! And I can be on my phone texting all day!! Multiple people at once. But I dont call people. My ex-E, absolutely. We would video call every day. But video call others? Ugh no. I do lunch time calls with coworkers while we work from home but that’s it. Text the rest of the time haha


      • I still call people, although I do like to Skype with my distance friends so I can see them while we chat. Makes it feel like they aren’t so far away after all.

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        • Aw yeah for sure! My one friend suggested we zoom the other day and I was like “ummmm no….” LOL like the instant anxiety the second she suggested it was uuuggghh I hate video calls so much


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