#atozchallenge G

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter G

Post-pandemic T is looking forward to going places with more freedom!

Right now I take the TTC buses and subway if I need to go anywhere. Thank God I live just a quick 15 minute walk to work when I am allowed to actually go into work. But any traveling, even on nice weekends in the summer, is made more difficult because of the TTC.

I wear my mask and take a bottle of sanitizer with me, but I still feel very exposed while doing so and only take the bus if I REALLY need to be taking it. Once the pandemic is over, I will feel more comfortable to go out and about and enjoy life away from my house. Even renting a car has a level of ick right now. Either way, once the pandemic is over then I will be more willing and open to traveling other places.

12 thoughts on “#atozchallenge G

    • Oh yes! Right?! Thankfully nice weather means its better for walking. So trips to the library can be walked now (an hour round trip lol) and everything else I need is within walking distance. But I cant wait until I feel really safe renting a car again lol

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        • Haha for sure! I’m already planning out a few longer “to get treats” walks next week and I’m hoping the weather will cooperate!

          And that is true! Its about 25 mins each way, and I bring a cloth bag with me. I will go tomorrow – I have 2 surprise pickups waiting and finished 4/5 books that I have at home so I’ll swap them out. I feel like I will be right back next weekend haha but thats ok

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  1. We drive ourselves places but we are going to the Giants baseball game on Saturday and taking the train so that will be an experience. You have to show proof of vaccination to get in so I feel relatively safer.

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    • YES! Without worry is key! I had to go to the dentist yesterday but my throat has been sore a little. But I know why. Its not covid related, its allergies. But I still feared going! And I had to take the bus. Again another level of worry. I will be happy to get that worry out of the way!

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