#atozchallenge F

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter F

Post-pandemic T is looking forward to friends being able to come over!

Not only will she have moved out of this city and (hopefully and God willing) into her own apartment, but she will also be able to have friends come over for visits!

As Ontario just entered into another 4-week lockdown, no one is allowed in another’s house. And Toronto has been in the Grey Zone since November which means that no one is allowed inside anyway.

Also, my lease states no over night guests. Which I understand since the landlord already has so many people packed in here and it would be so rude to the other people living here who also rely on one bathroom and sharing the kitchen (not that it stops my roommates from having parties and having people stay here), but I am also very excited to be in my own space and have my friends come and go as they please.

8 thoughts on “#atozchallenge F

    • It was just announced that the province is in another 4-week stay at home order. AND teachers in hot spots can start to get their vaccines next week! I live AND teach in a hot spot! Woooo!!!!! *Vaccine dance*


  1. Glad you will be able to get the vaccine soon. I’m sorry that it seems to be taking so long for you. Maybe once we all have ours we can start sending some to you! YES to friends. We actually had dinner with another couple (we are all vaccinated) last night for my husband’s birthday. It was SO nice!

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    • They JUST announced yesterday that teachers in hot spots will be able to get vaccinated starting next week. My school is in a hot spot so we will be on the list!

      Even if not, anyone 18+ in hot spots can find and go to a mobile clinic starting next week for their first dose. No appointments but at least its something! I also live in a hot spot! So either way, starting next week I can get one! As long as its not AZ. I don’t want that one lol

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  2. I bet you can’t wait. And it is hard when you are in lockdown so much, but I still hear you. My best friends aren’t in the town I live in so I don’t get to spend much time with friends.

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    • My co worker/close friend just got the keys to her brand new condo. Its less than a 10 min walk from me to her. We can’t meet due to our new lock down. Its frustrating!!!! But as soon as its over we are meeting up!

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