Sunday Scribblings #47

Aaron’s word of inspiration today is Easter.

Last year, Easter was the first real thing that my family missed due to the pandemic. My mother was CERTAIN that we would be getting together, and it was very close to my birthday as well.

As a family, we get together over the Easter long weekend, and usually also squeeze in my dad’s birthday and my own. My dad’s birthday is on April 1st and mine is April 15th. So it’s just easier for us to do it all together.

Last year, I planned my own birthday celebrations and told my parents early on that I wouldn’t be going. My mom was all “you never know what’s going to happen in the next two weeks.”

“It’s just this year, next year we will be back together” Didn’t we all tell ourselves those little lies back then?

And here we are – it’s a year later and we still aren’t able to be together.

My dad has his first vaccine dose and my mom is refusing hers. My school was closed Tuesday morning. First due to a high school student testing positive for covid Monday night, which didn’t affect the lower school because we are a separate building. But as I walked to work Tuesday, at 7:50am, we were notified that a staff member in the lower school had tested positive so we were closed as well. By Thursday, our nursery had been declared as an outbreak as 2 staff members and 3 students had tested positive and one jk student as well.

So we are all at home. I was able to do my Easter craft with my students online and they all enjoyed it. Some even had their little siblings join in on the fun! It was adorable!

Even if I had plans to go home this year, I would have had to cancel them. The positive cases don’t affect me at all and I’m not under strict isolation, I am still free to go out and do things I need to, but I am being safe and staying in.

Ontario has just started our THIRD lockdown today. 4 more weeks of restrictions. Not that it changes much for Toronto. But there is it. The whole province back into full restrictions.

And it’s Easter weekend.

Usually, if I am at home, we have a special breakfast, and my dad gets us all chocolate. We go to church and have a family dinner together. My mom’s sister will usually come over, or one of her friends.

This year, I have already gotten ready. I have a white chocolate bunny – it’s solid with cookie pieces in it, and I have made cinnamon buns for breakfast. No special “Easter” dinner, but I did order pizza. Yum! And of course, I am taking as much time off from work as possible.

I attended my church’s online Good Friday service. It was the first time I had been part of it for this church and it was very interesting. I honestly didn’t enjoy the theatrics of it. It was overly dramatic and not lit properly (on purpose) and the camera was never stable, constantly moving around. It was not pleasant.

I will also attend their online service on Easter Sunday as well.

How are you celebrating Easter this year? Anything special that you’re doing just for lockdown?

7 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #47

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    • So far no emails from the school saying my grade or floor is affected. We don’t have teachers move from one floor to the other this year. We are so good with cohorting! And I don’t go to the staff room to eat or relax. I stay in my room or the other grade two room. Unless I need to photocopy and then I’m only gone long enough to get what I need done and that’s it. Its a bit anti-social but I’m not taking any risks. My co-teacher who eats at my desk, her son has leukaemia and I would rather be extra safe for her than social for me.

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    • This one will be for 4 weeks, so all of April lol then the different regions can go back to the colour coded system (green, yellow, orange, red, grey) Toronto has been in grey since late November lol idk when this will end


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