#atozchallenge C

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter C

Post-pandemic T is looking forward to having lots of Clooney time!

No not the actor, my dog. He turned 14 in January and I know that he is quickly reaching the end of his beautiful existence. I have been preparing for it emotionally for about 4 years now but I know that when the time comes I will still be devastated.

Here he is today, getting ready for the Easter Bunny.

8 thoughts on “#atozchallenge C

    • Our first dog had a drawn out and painful end. I don’t think my mom wanted to accept it until it was like forces on her to seriously look at how much he was suffering. My dog lives with them and they have a much different grasp on things this time around haha

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  1. He’s gorgeous, T. And no matter how much you try to prepare it is never enough. So rather than focus on preparing focus on all the delightful times and enjoyt the moment syou do get.

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