#atozchallenge B

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter B

Post-pandemic T is looking forward to breathing. Oh my gosh! So much mask-free breathing will be happening! As a teacher, I can not wait for the day where I can be in my classroom with my munchkins without masks on and freely teach and breathe at the same time!! Exciting times ahead!

15 thoughts on “#atozchallenge B

    • Oh definitely! We had to switch from cloth to medical masks at work as teachers, which is good cos it us easier to teach and I don’t have to project so much. And my students are so expressive its not too bad. But I do miss just a simple smile at a stranger or something! I still do it under my mask and hope my eyes are smizing for me ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    • Im lucky right now – We are in two weeks of online learning so I get to see everyone’s face not just my full-time online students lol but its not the same as being in person without masks.


  1. Im lucky as im currently working from home so the only time i have to wear a mask is when i go to the store. You guys that have to wear them all day at work are troopers


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    • Haha I’m currently working at home as well! Only for another week though and then its spring break for a week and back into the school. Its not too bad once you get used to it but I will be glad when its over haha


  2. Urgh, I feel so guilty posting about life Down Under. Where I live I haven’t had to wear a mask at all. The only time I have to is for certain medical appointments or at the airport/on a plane.

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    • Lol don’t feel guilty! Your government acted swiftly and with great caution! The government has been telling people not to travel all year. Just telling them. “Don’t make any plans” but do they ACTUALLY shut down flights? Nopes. Like last March they did. But at Christmas I had students in the USA, the Caribbean. Its so selfish! Now its spring break and they told everyone not to make plans. They moved spring break a month later. And I am sure that people are still going out. Even with the mandatory 2 weeks at home after

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