9 thoughts on “#atozchallenge A

  1. I still get some hugs because we’ve had so few cases here it’s easy to forget with close friends. Family goes without saying. I really am lucky.

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    • If i lived there i would be getting all the hugs!! Our province is back into a 3rd lockdown… didnt change much for Toronto since we were in the grey zone still but ugh. 6100 new cases from Good Friday and Saturday. People make me so angry!


      • Wow, T. I didn’t realise how many cases you guys have been having. We just had an outbreak which *touchwood* seems to be settling. That outbreak ended up being about 10 cases in total and the whole country was freaked out by it. Such different attitudes!

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        • Ugh I wish we had the same attitude! BUT people here are tired of the restrictions. They are tired of everything and want to do things again. Even I am getting tired of the introverted life! LOL and this is our 3rd wave and our vaccine roll out is sad and pathetic. And we are now seeing our government as idiots instead of level headed like last year. Its just wow.


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