Nail Art: Easter

So I kind of couldn’t decide what I wanted to do this week…

I wanted to do something super cute, just a little chic bunny with a gem for a tail.

But I also have two amazing Easter stamping plates and I wanted to do ALL THE DESIGNS.

So I had to compromise.

I just don’t have enough fingers to do EVERYTHING.

So I settled on chic bunny, classic and classy for my main fingers.

See how cute that little bun bun is?! Aww it’s little bum bum!

BUT THEN I needed more cuteness!! OVER BOARD CUTE NESS!!!!

So I reserved my thumbs for that.


And of course, here is the video of how I did it 😉

I used regular polish, not the UV gel for all of this. Except the top coat – pro tip: if you want your manicure to last longer, but don’t want to have to soak off gel polish, use regular polish and only do the UV gel top coat! I also use it as a glue for my gels and they hold. So that’s what I did. You are supposed to wait about 24 hours before top coating it buuuuttttt it seemed totally dry about an hour so I did it then hehehehe Who can wait 24 hours for their polish to FULLY dry? Lame. No thank you!

Next design will be for my birthday!! I’m not sure if it will be done next weekend over Easter OOORRR the weekend after. We will see 🙂

8 thoughts on “Nail Art: Easter

    • Thanks!!! I’m surprised they have lasted so long! The top coat started to peel a day or two in BUT so far everything is still looking amazing! Still trying to decide what to do for birthday nails


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