Sunday Scribblings #46

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is stick.

I have always been one to stick with something, even if it wasn’t making my happy. I’m not sure when I learned this behaviour, but I guess it’s been there my whole life. Maybe because I think that if I stick it out, things will get better or I will adjust and be happier or something will change – but I have to give it a chance ya know?

This applies to a few things in life: jobs, dating, food, friends.

As an adult I am getting better at assessing early on which things will add value to my life if I stick it out, and which things need to be cut before they are given a chance to take root and really make a negative impact in my life.

Of course, some things I know aren’t good and I stick with it because I like them and I can give it up for a little bit but I always circle back around. But that’s more like my own personal thing that I need to deal with haha.

Do you stick with things longer than you should? Or are you one of those lucky people who is able to just cut things out when you know they aren’t beneficial to your life?

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