Pass me some tissues

My eyes are leaking…

This week has been a struggle y’all. I got my period early, the students are going insane from missing their spring break, the weather is nice and then rainy and cold, my fake work romance wasn’t in our building all week, my roommates decided to throw a disco party Monday night and at 12:30am I had to go and ask them to turn it down while noticing they were probably hiding guests in their balcony, and my brother was getting a visit from my dad. On Thursday my dad even got to see my brother’s new house!

My dad’s birthday is next Thursday, which is Easter weekend, and two weeks before my birthday. Of course, due to COVID and my job, I’m not going home for the long weekend. My brother could, BUT my mom refuses to get her first dose of the vaccine because she says it’s causing blood clots and strokes and since she had a minor stroke about 6 years ago, she is now in fear of everything. But the vaccines we have in Canada are not linked to strokes…

Anyway, my dad has his first vaccine at the start of the month and that means that he’s like 95% covered and so unless my mom gets her vaccine, I don’t feel comfortable going home. Not while I live with irresponsible people and am working in person.

My emotions have been ALL OVER THE PLACE!

But then, Thursday morning I had a BRILLIANT IDEA!

If my dad was driving home from Ottawa, after doing his work, AND he’s had his first vaccine, AND if I wear a mask, why can’t I see him?!

I legit was crying because of this amazing idea! Like walking to work, I was crying under my sunglasses!

I asked when he was driving home, and checked with my VP at school and everything lined up. I had tears of anticipation on and off all day. I was so overwhelmed with feeling over this stupid pandemic, and my roommates and landlord sucking and wanting to move and stressing over a new job which I know will come soon which also means I am stressing over moving expenses and all that. And then having to miss Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter and my dad and my birthdays again and I JUST MISS MY DAD!!!!! The tears were controlling the show yesterday.

Anyway, my dad drove home today and got to my work at about 2:55. I was 5 minutes into teaching my last period when I got the text. I grabbed my jacket and ran out – leaving my whole class and the online students promising them that the VP was on her way.

I left the school, he was parked at the other school, so I RAN over to his car and got the BIGGEST HUG in the whole world. I didn’t want to let go! I was tearing up (again) but kept it cool and didn’t actually cry. Can you imagine having to go back and teach online students who have their own adults in the background and trying to explain why I was gone for 5 minutes and came back in tears? HAHA

Anyway, he had his mask on, I had mine on, we hugged and hugged and said I love you and I miss you and he drove me back to my building and dropped me off. It was all of 5 minutes and I loved it!! Still a little emotional now but I got to see my dad in person for the first time since August, and hug him for the first time since January 2020. So my day ended pretty great!

10 thoughts on “Pass me some tissues

  1. Congrats on the mini visit! I am contemplating seeing my mom for Mother’s Day. She refuses to get the vaccine (she’s 97) and lives with some questionably responsible people but I’ve had both of my shots so if I wear a mask maybe it will work.

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        • Haha yes very strange! They all need a rest. Teachers need it too. This is so stupid extending the break….. but there has been a lot of gossip that we will be in lock down after spring break again. I’ve been prepping for weeks to make sure everything is ready if it happens – sending copies of things home early, planning units that don’t have presentations, scanning and keeping duplicate copies at my house of things I might need lol I think I’m ready 😂

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  2. Oh, T (((hugs))). I know how much those few minutes with your Dad would have meant. In a couple of months you’ll have a new job and a new house and a new town which I hope means you will get to see him more often. At least spring break is your break as well. Not many days to go…

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    • Thanks AJ! They really did mean the world! And my eyes have stopped leaking hehehe I can’t wait! A school only 45 mins from my parents should be contacting me this week. If not, I will email them on Friday to check in. Its not the most accessible town but it has every thing I need plus a train system to go the 40 mins to see my friends until I save enough for a car. I wont make any big purchases until I live a few months on my new salary to adjust lol


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