Sunday Scribblings #45

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is fragrance.

I have a very low tolerance for fragrance. The start of this school year was rough since all the kids had scented sanitizer and oh my goodness my allergies went insane! Even though the administration had sent email notices that students were to bring UNSCENTED sanitizer if they were going to bring anything.

I have always had a very sensitive nose. When I was younger, all my friends were into the J-Lo perfumes and the Britney perfumes and I would end up with massive headaches and sneezing if I was around them when they were being sprayed. Or even after.

When I was around 17 or 18 my mom took me to get my own perfume. Apparently this was something that I needed? So we went to our local drug store and tried a whole bunch. I finally picked one that I liked and that didn’t change scent on my skin. It was a Celine Dion one. And ya know what, I loved it! But I never wore it. Maybe when I went out to the club but that bottle lasted until it went bad and I still had lots left over in the bottom. Since I loved it so much, I tried to get another one but at that point it was like 10 years later and it wasn’t in production any more.

So a few years ago, when I started dating, I wanted to have a nice perfume for dates. I went to the drugstore and did the same thing that I did before with my mom: just tried a whole bunch. I told the lady working there what I was looking for, what I had before, and my sensitivity issue. So instead of spraying all the perfumes in the air, I smelled the bottles. We narrowed it down to 2, sprayed one on my left wrist, and one on my right. Since I know that scents change on me, I made a note (using pen on my arm) of which one was which and said I’d come back later once I knew which one I really wanted. The lady actually suggested that I come back the next day and I would be able to get a discount! So that’s what I did!

One of the scents went sour on my skin, so it was an obvious choice for the other one. One by Dior. It’s in this cute little bottle with a bow on the lid. And it’s a floral bouquet of smells and I love it so much! I even bought this little thing that I can fill up and keep in my purse and take with me. Because women’s perfume never actually stays on very long. Not sure why….

I also have this thing for men’s cologne. When I was seeing P last year (remember he was from Dec-March 2020), when he would come over, we’d just watch movies while on my bed and when he left my pillows would smell like him for DAYS! And I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDD IT! I probably let him keep coming over just to have that smell on my pillows LOL And if I was laying my head on him, it would legit seep into my wig. The synthetic strands of hair SOAKED IT UP!!! He usually came over Friday nights (since I had church Sunday and he didn’t want to keep me up too late) and I would be smelling him on my wig all of Saturday and Sunday and then have to wash it Sunday night so I didn’t smell like him to go into work. But it still lingered even after washing my wig. But I loved it so it’s ok haha.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #45

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  2. I have to be careful with perfume as well. But I do have some I seem to tolerate in tiny amounts. I tend to spray it at belly button height and walk through the mist so it is on my clothes rather than on me.

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  3. I can’t wear perfume – too many people in my family are allergic. Also, when I do wear perfume I put wayyy to much on. So, I guess it’s just better for me to steer clear of it.

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