Nail Art: St. Patrick’s Day

A hot mess.

This week, I didn’t set up my camera to film because I thought it would be a very easy design. I just wanted to do a gradient of green across my nails and put two gems on each one. EASY RIGHT?!

Of course not, because it’s me.

This was my inspiration:

So I started off this design SATURDAY night! I needed one big dark green gem and one small dark green gem for all my nails. I have a ton of gems and I knew that I had big ones in one package so I sorted through them. Well out of the 6 containers that came in that set only one had the big and small with flat backs and there were only 5 of each! So I thought, hmmm maybe I can do 5 big white ones too? I also thought I could balance out the smaller nails with gems from a different set I have. They are all the same size AND I have like 100 (literally) small dark ones. So I dug out that set and they were a different size and colour from the other set! UGH

But that’s ok! I also had light green rocks so I decided to keep my options open until the next day when I painted my nails since I didn’t know what colour the nails would turn out.

I took out my white that I’ve had for about 5 years from Gelish and a dark sparkly green from Enail Couture. I had never used the green before but it was a deep rich colour!

I opened the white and the smell caught me! It’s been slowly going bad for a while and I decided that yesterday would be it’s last day. I put a huge blob on a piece of tinfoil and dripped a small bit of green into it. I mixed and painted two coats on my pinky fingers and dried them in the light box.

Then I went to get the next shade up, so I needed more green. It was going to go from light to dark, pinky to thumb. So I go to drop some of the green into the white again and all I got was oil! Even after shaking it!! So lame. I did one coat, more green, one coat on the next, etc until all my fingers were done. And the colour was BLEH. Like more grey than green? I was so disappointed!

The gradient is definitely there but the colour was not. This was supposed to be GREENNNNNNNNN for St. Patrick’s day!! I tried to put a layer of just the sparkly green over top of all that to make the green more BOOM but it wouldn’t even spread nicely on top. I wiped it off before drying it.

So I threw out the white and green bottles, and went ahead trying to save my nails. I didn’t want to file off all that polish and start again. But then I found a BRIGHT NEON GREEN I have in my stash. I don’t use it often but I do kind of like it! So I put a layer of it over top of the bleh mess that was already on my nails. And in the end I didn’t totally hate it!

The change in colours from one nail to the next is still there. It’s subtle but it’s there. And most importantly, the green is more vibrant and lovely.

So since the green turned out this way, I decided not to use my 6 big gems on these nails and switched just to the small gems I have a lot of. I put on a top coat and stuck the gems in before I cured it. The end result is really nice. And I’m happy with it.

A couple of the gems have come off already, but I just put more topcoat on and stick a new one back in place haha. They are festive enough for the next two weeks!

Next time: Easter nails!

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