Dearest Ontario

I am very upset!

For my entire life, I have been nothing less than 150% proud to be a Canadian. That is, until 2021.

Not only does Canada not have any COVID vaccine producing laboratories, but now we are behind in vaccinations.

In Ontario, the government seemed to have a good roll out system. My dad was able to get his first dose two weeks ago and was slated to get his second on April 5th. Since the recommended best second dose is about 4-6 weeks.

But our government has a different idea. Because they are clearly the experts. Not the people who created it?

Our government has decided that they want more people to get their first dose. Which I completely agree with! But not my dad has to wait until JUNE to get his second dose! Which is INSANE!

And what about teachers? Teachers are essential workers. We HAVE to go to work. The government has kept schools open when everyone else is under stay at home orders. They won’t do anything to stop people from traveling to stop the spread of the virus, but apparently as soon as you get your teaching certificate you are immune to the virus so we are all ok?!

Except that we are not. I’m not slated, under the new rules and regulations, to get my first dose until the end of June or beginning of July. Which is extremely inconvenient because for at least the next two days I am stuck at home.

I have a new runny nose and sore throat, so until I can prove that I tested negative, I can’t go back to work. I got tested this morning, but one of the questions I was asked this morning during my appointment was if I was vaccinated yet. Like what an insane question to ask me! I’m clearly not over 80. How on earth would I be vaccinated in Ontario?!

For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of the government in Canada. I am ashamed of our health care system. I am annoyed and frustrated that we as citizens are not being taken care of.

15 thoughts on “Dearest Ontario

  1. Oh wow. That’s too bad. Definitely teachers should come first and our second doses were to be 3 weeks apart, not 4 to 6. So thankful that Biden is our President now. We’d be in the same boat or worse I’m sure if the Dumpster was still in charge here.

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  2. It’s too bad that your government didn’t enact a program like Operation Light Speed which Trump did. If he didn’t do that, we wouldn’t be able to get vaccinations in the US. Thank God for the great Cheeto!

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  3. What vaccination was it? All the vaccinations required different waiting periods, and they are learning as they go. For example, they now know it is better to give the AstraZenica vax 12 weeks apart, not the initial 3 weeks.

    Teachers aren’t a special case for vaccination in Australia (it is based on front line worker, health care worker, age, medical and indigenous status – so I won’t get mine until July at earliest). Mind you, we don’t have the cases like you have.

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    • Long term care residents and workers and nurses/doctors and anyone over 80 got theirs first here. My dad got the pfizer one.

      I was ok not having it until now haha. I guess I am comparing myself against the USA cos they are so far ahead of us in vaccinations. But they also have production labs there. We dont


      • Yeah, but the USA has been brutalised by covid. Canada hasn’t done that badly in comparison. (Although, confession, we are producing AstraZeneca here in Oz *phew*, so understand why you’re cranky about that).

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        • So true on all points! I’m just extra cranky because I can’t be with my students and I had to have my brain swabbed and my temp has been elevated all day haha I get cranks when I’m feeling so off


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