Sunday Scribblings #44

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is pie.

I’m going to say something maybe a little controversial:

I don’t really like pie.

There I said it.

If I am forced to eat pie, there are only a few acceptable options:

  1. Pecan
  2. Strawberry rhubarb
  3. MAYBE lemon merging if I’m REALLLLLLYYY craving it
  4. Apple ONLY during Thanksgiving or Christmas and ONLY as an absolute last resort.

All other pies are gross.

Please don’t send me hate comments.

Ps: are in you a daylights savings zone? Remember to change your clocks. You’re welcome.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #44

  1. I think my post is the exact opposite of yours, mostly talking about how much I do like pie. Except for the detailed story of a pie I decidedly hate. Also, daylight saving time is the worst. It should either be abolished or we should be on DST forever. No more switching back and forth every six months. I’m very passionate about this.

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    • Oh man I am not a fan of pumpkin haha during Thanksgiving I was in quarantine and ordered dinner since I wasn’t with my family. And I wanted pecan but they sent me pumpkin 😡 way to make a horrible holiday worse lol


    • Aaahhhh I don’t like blackberries or raspberries at all 😂 the toddler I nannied knew cos one day I didn’t take his offer of raspberry yogurt to snack with him. And then every time he would always offer me raspberry! LOL once it was the only kind left and he REALLY wanted me to snack with him so I sucked it up and after every bite he’s like “do you like it? Do you like it?” 😂 his dad was working from home that day and thought it was hilarious

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  3. I HATE daylight saving and I wish they would abolish it here. Our clocks wind back on the first Sunday in April.

    Now pie… I love apple pie, it’s my favourite fruit pie. But what I want to know is what about the meat pies? You haven’t mentioned them. I love beef pie, it’s my favourite, but really any is yummy, especially with tomato sauce 🙂

    I wonder what the difference (if there is) is between our pies?

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