Nail Art: Blues

New month, new mani!

Okies guys! So for this bi-weekly design, I had to mix my own colour. The blues that I had weren’t as swoon worthy as the inspiration picture, so I took two different blues: a baby blue/robin egg blue and then a darker sparkly blue, One drop of the dark into a puddle of the light and BAM perfection.

I’m not LOVING how the dots turned out but it’s because I was lazy and didn’t dry the between the colours, just dotted them all up all at once and some smushed together. Two weeks of blue and then onto green for St. Patrick’s Day!

8 thoughts on “Nail Art: Blues

  1. Pretty! I love the blue. Hey, did you know (for me anyway) that your images don’t show up on the blog page? It just shows a big blank square with the instagram logo in the centre and “view this on instagram” link below the logo? Luckily I’m on insta and see them there!

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    • Oh no I had no idea! Haha thanks for letting me know!

      I’m thinking maybe of not doing my nail instagram anymore. I cant post to my fb from it since my personal account is linked to my fb, and if I share to my fb after posting it only shows one picture… super annoying haha


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