Sunday Scribblings #42

Aaron’s word of inspiration today is tooth.

I’m not sure about you, but I am a little obsessed with my oral hygiene.

My whole life, I have had really bad tartar just on the back of my lower front teeth so regular cleanings are a must. Even when I was living in South Korea, I went to the dentist. My first contract there, I waited about 6 months before going but after I had a good cleaning I felt amazing.

I grew up with an amazing dentsit too! It’s a practice by a husband and wife team, and if I was still living in Kitchener, I would still be going to them. My brother has lived in Ottawa for the last 13-15 years (since he started university) and he still goes to Kitchener for the dentist. I think that’s a little silly, it’s like a 6-hour drive, but that’s his choice.

Their receptionist was the best! She loved me when I was little. When I would go in, as soon as I saw her, I would burst into giggles. Mostly because she laughed when I giggled so it became a habit for me.

My second contract in South Korea, I was having some tooth pain so I found a very good dentist and had a cleaning and some x-rays taken and they said I needed a root canal! AHHHHH I had them email me the x-rays and I sent them to this dentist in Kitchener HAHA that’s how much I loved them!

I have a different dentist now that I’m in Toronto but I miss my Kitchener one. I’m hoping that I will get a job in the KW area so I can do back to them haha!

About two years ago, I had a chip come off a cavity and the hygienist here in Toronto put fluoride on it to make the pain go away for a few days until I was able to get it fixed. I didn’t realize that this was a thing! I kept having a lot of sensitivity with my teeth and it gradually hit me: my dentist here in Toronto hasn’t done a fluoride treatment on me since I started going to him!

I think maybe my insurance didn’t cover it, or maybe it’s just something that they don’t do, but I did a little research and have gotten into fluoride mouthwash!

It’s just a regular Crest brand, but without alcohol (it burns) and with fluoride! It’s amazing! I started using it over the summer, maybe July-ish? And when my tooth sensitivity went away! Of course, it was all due to the pandemic that I started. Because otherwise I would have just booked an appointment with my dentist but they were still “SUPER EMERGENCIES ONLY” and some sensitivity wasn’t a super emergency.

I had a cleaning in March right before everything closed down. Then again in September. Since the September one, with using this mouthwash (and my regular brush and floss) twice a day, I have like NO BUILD UP. Guys it’s amazing! I love it!

So that’s my story. I am super excited that I have no tartar build up on my teeth! HAHA! And especially since I have to wait until April to have another appointment haha!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #42

  1. I also have a great dentist and can’t imagine going to anyone else. It’s not great since he’s retiring soon.

    All the best, Michelle (

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    • Oh man! I feel this! I used to go back to Kitchener once I moved here but then my regular hygienist moved to a different practice lol so I switched to a Toronto dentist. Much easier to access and less expensive than having to rent a car to go


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  3. Yeah, I’m not a fan of dentists and go only when I am in pain. I had to have oral surgery to correct a problem with my jaw and was in braces for almost two years. Side note, wonder why I did not get this post in my emails today? Did you change something or did I or is it just a fluke?

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