Sunday Scribblings #41

Aaron’s word of inspiration this week is card.

At work we are now into our third term – we are in the home stretch! And, as everyone who ever attended any sort of educational institution knows, when you end a term, you need to get your grades. And so – report cards went home this week

For the first time in my entire teaching career (both professional teaching or tutoring or whatever) I couldn’t give someone a grade.

Legit on her report card, for science, I gave her an I. Which means that she had “insufficient proof of understanding to determine a grade”.

This whole term was basically online. We started the second week of November, had a 2-3 weeks in class and then from Dec 8-Feb 10 (my report cards were due on the 8th) we were online.

This girl is one of my brightest and hardest working students. She is the top of the class. But when we are at home, she does NOTHING. I even had to call her parents because I thought she was in this depressive state! She just slumps in a chair, her hair a WILD HOT MESS, eye glazed over, looking at her screen. That’s if I can even see her face. 90% of the time, she points her camera so I can JUST barely see the top of her glasses and eye brows and then her forehead and hair that is never brushed.

That is NOT the student who comes to school every day.

After the call with her mother (who I called Mrs. Last Name of her daughter/husband and the mom was sharply like “That’s not my name”) the daughter started to attend classes online with more regularity than before, but her work still suffered. When it was her turn to answer questions, she would log out of the video chat. She never handed in anything unless I sent emails to her parents so everything was always late. She never had anything printed so she was never prepared for class.

When we returned to school on Wednesday, I asked to see her books (I checked everyone’s just so I could have an excuse to look at this girl’s books) and not a single page had been completed since December. Every single book was empty. She didn’t even write anything down in her agenda.

Most of our science assessments were done in-class. So the kids would tell me what score they got on things, or they would share an answer with me as they were leaving the video so that I would know they understood. She just disappeared. So she had 25% on February 5th when I was doing her report card. Unfortunately, the unit test was on February 9th, a day after my marks were submitted. But I added in the scores to my “term two” marks after the fact. No one’s mark changed drastically so it’s all good. She didn’t complete the test online and I closed the form for responses two days after it was due. So she gets a 0. We had a science project due on the 16th. She was to present on the 16th. It was a snow day so our presentations were online. She didn’t come to any classes. And she handed in her project the next day. She got a zero on her presentation, her project didn’t follow the instructions that I gave and it didn’t even work (which was a requirement). She got 50%. Again, this was also added into term two’s grades so that I can have a clean break for the last two units in term 3.

I can’t even imagine being a parent and allowing my children to do this. I know things are tough at home for her and her family due to personally things BUT they purposely didn’t allow her to succeed at all. The dad basically told me that he doesn’t support the online learning and that his children need to be in school. I totally agree! BUT we legally had to be at home. And he chose not to support her learning and now she’s going to crash and burn because of it.

I tried not to email them at all after that phone call in early January. But it got to a point where I had to since she was submitting NOTHING. The other grades were eventually handed in but everything was late so at least she had some marks for her report card. But I never thought that by teaching 7-year-olds that I would be giving such a mark. I refuse to give anything lower than a C- even if the mark is lower. But an I?! Just wow….

11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #41

  1. I hate that parents think that these types of situations are the teacher’s fault. Like, ‘dude, it’s your kid!’ I find it strange that the girl went off the rails like that, seeing as you say she’s a star pupil when she goes to school. I hope you can figure out what her problem is.

    All the best, Michelle (

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    • Oh I wasn’t blamed at all. I am waiting for the email or for my vice principal to tell me the parents emailed, but everyone was well aware of what was happening. The parents just don’t want to do online lessons. That’s the issue. They claimed her camera wasnt working which is fine, but then when we returned to class all the excuses came. She couldn’t hear, the internet was bad, her device kept messing up. But I never got a single email from her parents asking for pages to complete or what she missed. During “free chat time” magically all her tech problems were gone. Her parents didn’t support the method of learning and she checked out.


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  3. I feel sorry for her. Obviously the parents have other things on their priority list. That’s too bad. I’d say they were probably Trump supporters (my term for anyone who has lost their mind) but you’re in Canada so…

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  4. This poor girl 😦 It’s clearly not her fault she isn’t getting the encouragement and support at home. Even with other issues going on, it’s so sad how long they let it go on. They should hire some kind of tutor or ask for extra hours but it seems clear they aren’t interested? Hopefully things improve for her.

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  5. At least at that age there is time to recover. But if the parents’ attitudes don’t change she may never be successful because as you get older you have to do a lot of learning at home after your day at school!

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    • For sure! She just got a “due to pandemic blah blah blah next term we hope to see more engagement blah blah blah” comment on her report.

      On the flip side, I have one set of parents who want to know why their daughter went from an A+ down to an A in both science and social studies so they can let her know where to focus her learning…. this girl full on tantrums for 20 mins when she didn’t finish math pages in our book and had some left over as homework….


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